Quit Facebook

(Jeff) #41

Little late to the game it seems here (though I guess time is relative). While not directly quitting facebook as I use to sell old things I’m getting rid of and manage pages I have removed it from my phone (the main platform I use it on). Relegated solely to my laptop to access it which I only have access to at home I find that the ease of accessibility is what had me wasting more time on the site. The effort of accessing it through my computer drastically reduced my time on the site so much that I simply checked it once yesterday and that was it. I am working towards removing the other social media sites as well (or drastically reducing the need to be on them). I haven’t used twitter in years, I’ve deleted most of the “following” on instagram except for some of the people I follow in the rewilding/permaculture/feralculture community finding most of the stuff I followed superfluous anyway. I can’t really think of too much social media apps/sites that I use aside from those big ones. I can say after one day I already feel more free, less anxiety and the benefits. I know it’s only been one day but it’s nice to finally be free.