Is anyone here ready for land in the lower 48?

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(Kevin Tucker) #41

I think there’s a certain degree of talking past each other in terms of where we are conceptualizing this conversation taking place or the interrelationship of the nodal concept.
I think myself and others are thinking that the vision here could be a kind of “buy in” to “Feralculture” (using this as the example here) which is a land trust that purchases the nodes that we hopefully all start picking up. That’s the point where the entirety would be 20-25 or more, not on individual nodes. With 20 acres here, I think we would be potentially tapping out just around 10-12 people in total and we’re already at 3 adults and 2 kids.
Essentially it seems like if that larger concept was to work as I have understood it, buying into the larger land trust or whatever is kind of like granting access to all the network owned nodes.
Maybe on my end this is just thinking too far ahead? Because from what you’ve been saying and how we see invitations to visit or move it’s pretty much the same in terms of personalities and things like that (probably different in every other way though).
No question about it, if everyone believes that belonging to the same project, ideals or whatever makes us all get along then that is pure delusion.

(Dennis Lanigan) #42

Just a heads up for people who want to live in Missouri too, this dude is selling land in MO on owner contract.

Most of the properties seem fairly affordable. $1500 down with $390 a month for a 39,000 property, for example. Seems like a lot of stuff in Texas County, MO. Maybe create more nodes near the Mark Twain NF?

(Kevin Tucker) #43

Anyone interested in checking out this way, let me know. The upside is tons and tons of wild lands, not pristine, but certainly wild.
The downside: the heat. For real, gets really damn hot.
If you’re looking for land in Missouri, MAKE SURE IT HAS WATER ON IT!! Nearly everything I had looked at out here did, most properties do, but it’s pretty damn essential. Would love to have more people in the area. Property, even with a house, is fairly cheap out here. Land taxes on our 20 acres with two structures is like $600/yr.
If you want to ease into the land, rent is dirt cheap in these towns. You can rent a 2 bedroom house in Salem for $300/month, but these towns are gnarly. Dirt poor redneck towns that seem like they just missed the last 20 years. Wages are garbage.

(Dennis Lanigan) #44

Yeah, I meant to say that a lot of the properties on the homestead crossing site DO NOT have wells. And wells may need to be 350 ft deep. That’d be a cool $20,000 to buy a well that deep. But maybe there are properties with wells on that site?

(Kevin Tucker) #45

There are a lot of springs out here, but you definitely want like a body of water. The heat index here today hit 120.

(Tyler) #46

Although I’m likely at least a few years out for being truly ready for any deep commitment, I still am keen to get involved. There is a chance I will be coming into about 15 acres that would be jointly owned for a number of years before I inherited the whole plot. It’s in north central Wyoming, which is rife with public land, much of which to me has questionable foraging value. Are there many people in the Rockies, generally?

(Kevin Tucker) #47

I don’t know about the foraging out there, but the hunting is certainly something that I would come out there for. Sounds like the perfect area to have a node, have some “hunting camps” and see if you get anyone you’d be interested in opening up residency to.

(Béla Rafőn) #48

If anyone reading this is interested in Central Europe, please get in touch.

(Greg Sandford) #49

I’m down to buy land. I’m also keen to learn how we can set up land trusts and help facilitate those.

(John F. Burnett) #50

See my reply to Ernesto’s layout of node types in the node templates thread. You’ll git how serious I am.
See also, if you can get it, the brief relevant attachments I emailed to Feral Culture. I’ve been intimate with
the backwoods of Northern CA since age 3, and know how the Original People tended the Land and lived here.
Redneck ancestry here. For a longer read (218 pg.), see my book - INTO EDEN: Elements of Emancipation.

(Darius Liddell) #51


You got my attention. Where exactly in central europe? I’ve been looking there a lot lately too. I’ve seen listings for 90 acres in Ukraine for like 125K$ or similar in Slovenia, Belarus, Poland, etc. Ukraine is purported to have some of the best soil int eh world.

(Shodo Spring) #52

I have land in Minnesota and am looking for people. 17 acres, half woods, near public land and a good river.

(BenSpiritbear) #53

@primalwar not sure where in Missouri you’re at but I’m in Douglas county Missouri, very close to the national forest.

(Andrew) #54

What kind of arrangement are you looking for in terms of potential residents?

(Kevin Tucker) #55

We’re not world’s apart. We’re on the edge of Dent and Crawford county, about 30 minutes northeast of Salem. Our land is at the adjoins Indian Trails and Mark Twain (NE quadrant).

(BenSpiritbear) #56

I would guess an hour and a half or more away. I’m about 30 miles south of Mountain Grove. State conservation land is about 2 miles north of me and Mark Twain is about 3 miles east of me. Mostly all private woods in between. Hello neighbor.

(Shodo Spring) #57

Hi Andrew,

You might want to take a look at my blog at
That would give an idea of what I’m up to.

As for residents, first we talk, then you pay a visit of 2 weeks or so and
we figure out whether this is likely to work, then you go away and come
back with your stuff.

The intention here is a spiritual activist community. I’m personally
pretending there’s a chance for a miracle, and that’s my main activism (too
briefly, but there’s the blog). You may think what you want, mostly.

How to live together? I hope for 6 people, which requires framing out some
rooms in the house (converted barn). There has to be some combination of
rent paid and work - sharing the labor of not only house and food but also
some things about the farm. I expect people would get a job in town or
somewhere, but if you’re a farmer who can make an income here (or a
woodworker, herbalist, or some other options) that would be even better.

I have chemical sensitivities and thus no fragrance or incense in the
house. The two wood stoves are remarkably smoke-free when used right.

Unfortunately zoning prevents me (or you) from building separate residences
on this land. I share a driveway with neighbors, and hope that if any of
them move I’d know somebody who might pick it up and increase our size -
but there’s no reason to think that will happen. I own the place with no
mortgage, and have invested in solar panels, masonry heater, insulation -
and there’s more to do including ferrocement tanks for water storage.

My preference is for equals, and we work our way toward being co-owners. I
don’t want to parent, be a landlord (long term; short term it’s
inevitable), make rules, whatever - am looking for people who are actually
a good fit. My experience in community living says that a weekly house
meeting is essential.

Militant anything doesn’t work, unless it matches me.

I’m a Zen priest and have a preference for people who’d like to sit
meditation regularly. That’s not absolute.

If you’re interested, could you tell me something about who you are and
what you’re looking for?

Thanks for asking.

(Shodo Spring) #58

P.S. So I looked up your name and found a conversation about diet, feral
culture, permaculture, and so forth. I’ll first say this is a place where a
lot of living off the land could happen - 8 of my acres are woods, and
there’s adjacent land too. I aspire to that but put too much of my time
into what I’ll call organizing. And surviving financially.

The conversation could be interesting.

(Jennifer) #59

We have a thread working on the process of how to join other projects and land to become a part of the Feralculture project.

(Shodo Spring) #60

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you. I thought I was making an individual reply to Andrew, who asked
a question that sounded individual. Mayb it wasn’t.