Is anyone here ready for land in the lower 48?

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Jennifer is my partner in Alaska and we have been “building” out a piece of riverfront land for the purpose of refuge and transitional space for others interested in wilder lives connected to life outside of domestication. The forums this conversation is happening in are part of a project to connect individuals and communities that share a similar vision. The goal is to facilitate those broader connections, so I was trying to get some gauge about whether your project is compatible enough to direct others to. There are a lot of communities engaged in reproducing social structures we find harmful to humans and the wild world, and we try to avoid promoting them.

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Thanks, that’s helpful. And I don’t know whether my place meets those
requirements, but would be happy to post if you think it does. I’d love to
live with people who were foraging rather than farming, learning wild
skills rather than permaculture. But it’s not the center of what I’m doing,
and I sadly haven’t been spending hours and days of most weeks learning to
live with the land. Something went wrong…

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I have read somewhere that Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia all have from 49-69% forest remaining in their landscapes. I myself live in LA and the amount of water and game and natural, renewable resources is outstanding. Even still in today’s world


I’m in a spot where I have 36 acres, but it can’t be lived on without a septic. I’d be interested in hosting gatherings/acting as a stop over point, but until I get that dealt with I can’t.

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Where is your land?


Oh yeah. Whoops. Southern Indiana. The part with trees and hills. Appalachian bioregion.

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@forestgardener Maybe start a post about your land? I’m curious what you have planned. Are you starting trees? Do you know about Badgersett and Oikos tree crops, for example?

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@forestgardener did start a new topic about his land…


Maybe. An elderly friend of mine approached me about a gift of a little bit of land in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. I’m not counting on anything, but nevertheless, it is available regardless of who’s name is on the the deed, and I may use it as a sugar bush coming out of the winter and might decide to build a simple cabin or primitive structure there this summer. There’s lots of grouse, deer, a big pond stocked with catfish, some meadows, sugar maple, birches, and hemlocks, but it’s also reclaimed strip mine back in the '80s (hence the meadows), so remediation work is absolutely necessary. The parcel is situated in the northern Allegheny bioregion of the Appalachians and is along highway 219 which extends north into NY by Niagara and south through the tangled wilds of western MD and WV, and it’s also very close to where elk are rewilded already in central PA… so not a bad location, overall. If/when things begin to unfold, I’ll put out an update.

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I used to live in Bloomington and know a bunch of the permaculture people there. Where are you? (Do you know my friends? Paoli?)


Badgersett, no. Oikos, yes.

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Badgersett seemed promising with their nut trees. But their reviews on Google and Dave’s Garden look horrible. So nevermind.