Forum Server Migration 🎆

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(Andrew) #1

We have just finished migrating the forums to a new server. If you experience difficulties, please reply to this thread.

Also, the software has been upgraded, so there are new features, including the ability to see when others are replying in real-time.

Current known broken things (Feb 20, 2018):

  2. Images (related to 1)
  3. Email notifications
  4. Reply-by-email

[SOLVED] Forum instability :white_check_mark:
(Andrew) #4

(BenSpiritbear) #5

No real problems. I had to log back in and it took a few times before it logged me in. No problems since. Thanks for your work on this.


Looks to be working pretty good. I’m still new here and figuring things out

(Joseph) #7

My computer (firefox running on ubuntu gnome) is not able to access the drop-down menus.

(Andrew) #8

Thanks for the report. Same for me now that you mention it. I will look into it. That top menu is a hack, and not really part of the forums. I’ve debated just deleting it.

(joan underhill) #9

same disappearing-top-menu issue for me, using both epic browser & firefox. i basically just click the ‘main’ forums page every time though, so doesn’t change usability for me at the moment.

(Joseph) #10

The menu works fine when tested on a touch-screen tablet.

(Joseph) #11

If I ‘mouse down’ on the arrow to the right of About, and drag to the menu before a ‘mouse up’ then the menu stays in place, and I can click on the items on the menu.

(Andrew) #12

There is another known issue where the system clock is off, and immediately reports new interactions are 5 hours old. We are working on this.

(Andrew) #13

Perhaps this is a good segue into pointing out that there are user-selectable themes avialable. The top menubar is a custom bit I added to the default theme. If you change themes, the whole thing goes away. It’s under Interface in your preferences.

(Andrew) #14

I removed the top-menu dropdowns for now. Aside from not functioning properly in some browsers, some of the links were broken. Since we have to manually change those links if the underlying dynamic content changes, it is a managment hassle and I tend to forget, which leads to broken links. The current iteration isn’t intended to be permanent, just a termporary placeholder while we figure out a better process.

(BenSpiritbear) #15

I dont know if its just me or not but I have noticed I havent received any forum notifications in the past couple of days. I checked my settings and they are fine. Its not a big deal for me. Just something I noticed.

(Andrew) #16

Check spam folder? I am getting them.

Also, the system attempts to not send notification messages while you are active in the forums, and preferences the little bubble notifications in that instance. So you will receive less emails the more you have a live browser tab open.

(Andrew) #17

Please post here if you are having SSL weirdness. Your browser should show a green lock left of the address. My mobile browser was giving SSL warnings. We made a change, but crowdsourcing bugs is helpful.

(joan underhill) #18

did you just change the notification bubble in the top right to red? i feel like it used to be blue/green.

(Andrew) #19

Yep. I think the default was red. Not sure why they were changed to blue/green.

(joan underhill) #20

:slightly_frowning_face: i liked the blue/green

(Andrew) #21

As mentioned above, there are a couple other themes. I don’t know which color schemes they use. Might be different.

(Andrew) #22

The reply-by-email functionality had been broken since the migration. It functioning now. All you need to do is reply to notification emails and your reply should automatically post to the thread as nicely as if you were in the forums. This works for public and private posts and private messages.