Willow and Willow Baskets

I found some amazing willow spots last week and harvested a bunch. I have a bunch dried from last year and plan on making some baskets once I figure out how to soak them (I’m told you need to soak them a day for every foot they are long). I’m leaning towards using a PVC pipe (6″x10′) with a cap at the end. Anyone have any better ideas for soaking willow? The bathtub seems like an obvious idea but I don’t want to stain the tub with tannins. And I don’t have a spare creek nearby…

My sweetheart knows how to make baskets so once I figure out the soaking we’re going to make some. I’ll share what we make. Anyone else do any basketry?

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Here’s an excellent basic guide to making a willow basket from Jon Ridgeon.


I find that spare bathtubs are often free for the hauling… I have four.

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So I made the mistake of soaking my willow in a bathtub in a house … and it resulted in some pretty nasty stains I haven’t been able to lift yet. Turns out this post/thread is the very first Google search result for “soaking willow in bathtub stain” haha!

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