What is your land like? How many acres?

First, we’d like to ask that you consider reframing this question. When folks consider intentional communities, they often maintain the expectation of spending much of their time within the artificial property boundaries of each community. We do not look at the world this way. “Our land” is selected for its access to wild(er) lands that we don’t have to own to inhabit.

Currently, the group owns 4 acres of forested riverfront land on a salmon run. It’s nestled on a the north bank of a section that flows east to west, across from a forested island that divides the river. The land to the south is low-lying rolling hills for many miles until climbing to rugged snow-capped mountains. To the north, east, and west are ribbons of hills that some might call mountains. The individual property has good sun exposure due to the river orientation, while providing access to huge expanses of mostly wild lands in every direction, with lakes, rivers, and other habitat for a variety of fish, fowl, mammals, and plants.