Watching salmon

(Agnes Seitz) #1

25 years ago - on my first visit to Yukon - we camped for a week , close to a stream and sat for days - watching salmon, fascinated by their movements to dig in the gravel, preparing to spawn…all along the creek , so many of them. these years- after living her for 2 decades…the streams are empty… the runs so low that we can count the fish …and folks here drive a day to Alaska to fish for salmon…


“When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.”

I really hoped that this wouldn’t turn out to be true but it’s not looking good. I wish there was something we could do.


Potential solution for river protection:

People that care build lightweight, extremely offroad capable, amphibious camper trikes out of things like wood, bamboo, bone, sinew, cordage, pine pitch, discarded bicycle parts, and other natural and recycled materials.

They take advantage of the mobility and potential for isolation from roads and trails that the trikes make possible, and live nomadically along rivers, protecting them from abuse, and using no shovel permaculture techniques(moving rocks and vegetation to increase water retention and create habitat), and remediating pollution wherever possible.

If enough people wanted to live like this, even seasonally, or in shifts, the government agencies would really have no choice but to accomodate for it. It would relieve the workload of rangers and conservationists too. The lifestyle could even be sold retreat/workshop style, and the profits used for purchasing land for feralculture nodes and paying for permits and other expenses.

Saving this stuff is totally possible. People just have to commit to living a lifestyle that creates more than it destroys.

I’m hoping to be in the position to build one of the trikes by this summer and will post it up here for sure.