Villagers & Pillagers: Who Will Survive the Collapse? -

People are beginning to notice and pay attention.

I enjoyed reading this article. It didn’t account for a major variable however- transhumanism. We put other primates in zoos and laugh instead of waring against them. My guess is the transhumanists assume they will leave the tribalist and ecovillagers behind soon as a separate species; thinking that they will inherit the earth through techno-eugenics. My family is still open to using our property as some sort of rewilding experimental community… lots of permaculture, hunting, etc. going on this summer if anyone is serious about it.

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I also thought it was an interesting article, but it rang my propaganda alarm. It assumed that all ecovillagers are peaceful, egalitarian, tolerant, which is far from the truth, and painted people that appreciate more traditional ways, or even slower, more intentional change, as supremacist crazies, further enticing the divide between the two perceived groups, attempting to demoralize, or “radicalize” ecovillagers, and painted a picture of a definite dystopian future if we let consumer civilization collapse, which doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

I happen to believe in a combination of pretty much all of the views from both supposed sides described in the article, in differing situations, with different people.

Overall though, it was a great argument against sedentary, domesticated life, whether “green” or “prepper” consumer.

Becoming a sasquatch seems like a much smarter survival strategy.