The Truth About Primitive Life: A Critique of Anarchoprimitivism

""But leisure is a modern concept, and the emphasis that anarchoprimitivists put on it is evidence
of their servitude to the values of the civilization that they claim to reject. The amount of time
expended in work is not what matters. Many authors have discussed what is wrong with work
in modern society, and I see no reason to go over that ground again. What does matter is that,
apart from monotony, what is wrong with work in modern society is not wrong with the work of
nomadic hunter-gatherers. The hunter-gatherer’s work is challenging, both in terms of physical
effort and in terms of the level of skill required. The hunter-gatherer’s work is purposeful, and
its purpose is not abstract, remote, or artificial but concrete, very real, and directly important
to the worker: He works to satisfy the physical needs of himself, his family, and other people
to whom he is personally close. Above all, the nomadic hunter-gatherer is a free worker: He is
not exploited, he is subservient to no boss, no one gives him orders; he designs is own work-
day, if not as an individual then as a member of a group that is small enough so that every
individual can participate meaningfully in the decisions that are made42. “”

Actually by Ted Kaczynski himself? Wow, it’s great. I just got to the part where he mentions his own experience foraging for food and necessities.
The comments about realistic assessments are important.
Also, I’m going to say that he’s found a way to live, even in prison. I’m glad.

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It is interesting…, I’m only about a third of the way through myself and its hard to pin down exactly what the take home message is going to be. Have looked through some of his other stuff; always challenging. Have a good one.