The Land

We currently “own” 15,580 m² (3.9 acres) of riverfront land on a rich salmon run in Alaska. It’s surrounded by huge amounts of wildlife and mostly public land.

We are 984,420 m² short of our first milestone of one million m² liberated.

not sure how concerned you are with privacy in terms of revealing a very specific location, but are you open to some more detail on this page? like, either a descriptive paragraph or list version of some of the flora/fauna of the area, a sense of the topography, seasonal averages, etc?

i do heavy research on all those types of things before i move to an area. i can understand if you don’t want to give away your exact location or even specific region, but giving folks a better baseline understanding of the ecology of the area (especially in such a forward location as ‘the land’ page on the site) would be really helpful, in my opinion. possibly even include… some photos? :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Yup. Photos for sure. When we wrote most of the site, we weren’t at the land and therefore didn’t have good photos. There’s quite a bit now.

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awesome! having never been there personally, is there something i can do to help facilitate? throw urls of my suggestions into the thread, perhaps? i know you two have posted plenty of gorgeous photos elsewhere, but i’d want to be sure you & @jenniferocious felt that whatever went up is a good representation of the area.

also, thoughts on flora/fauna list, or something similar? i could brainstorm a good rough draft based on the similarities to our place on the kuskokwim, but i’m sure one of you more local folks would need to edit it.

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Out of respect for neighbors, among other things, I don’t think specific location is a good idea.

A basic list of the species we interact with is a good idea. You’re welcome to start it. The boreal biome is pretty similar globally, but we can edit for specific local variances.

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