The forums are dead. Long live the forums

(Andrew) #1

Cliche titles will never go out of style.

When originally launching on the WordPress platform, it seemed natural to launch the forums on bbPress, which is developed by the WordPress team, and integrates fairly well with WP core and themes. Okay, before that I actually hesitated to use WordPress at all because I knew bbPress forums were kind of garbage. But also, I am not a developer, and my attempts to get everything playing nicely on the Drupal platform failed. So, I had a feeling bbPress wasa going to be a bad idea, but I didn’t realize how bad. After many complaints, and my own frustrations, I have killed the bbPress forums and migrated to something new.

Enter Discourse.

What’s different about it?

"Discourse is a from-scratch reboot, an attempt to reimagine what a
modern, sustainable, fully open-source Internet discussion platform
should be today – both from a technology standpoint and a sociology standpoint.

Uncompromisingly open source.

Simple. Modern. Fun.

Discussion shouldn’t be complicated, confusing, or a chore. Participating in a conversation online should fundamentally feel good in a way that it currently does not on existing forums and mailing lists. It should be fun to jump in and have discussions with other human beings who are passionate about the same stuff as you.

Discourse is simple, clean, and straightforward.

Who else uses Discourse?

Oh, I dunno. Ever heard of these outfits? I hadn't but I guess they're websites or something.

So far, things have been very snappy and a general pleasure to use, but we think you’ll like it.

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