The dangers of gardening or why I should have choosen hunting

(Agnes Seitz) #1

Gardening season has barely started here in the Yukon…just a few patches of snow left at the edges We planted some garlic- while darn mosquitos tried to eat me alive… but then I noticed the bats just migrated back into their little house at my cabin.

Never mind that we are back to 4 inches of snow today – did I somehow miss our 4 days of summer ??

Plants are everywhere all over the cabin- waiting for the promised warmth to come – my tiny domesticated seedlings…and then I remembered this essay…

The second coming of the plants

Should I be afraid ???

“When we first arrived on this mineral world, it was barely animate. A rock and a hard place, if you will, and, underneath that, the roiling, raging magma like some captive demon forever hauling at its chains. Please understand: we gave this benighted planet lungs. We gave it life.

And in return? The enslavement of millions bound for the Christmas tree lots and, later, the chippers; the struggles of the coastal mangroves; the routine massacre of walking palm and Brazil nut tree; the agonies of the Japanese willow and jasmine at the hands of their bonsai torturers. And so many of us strung out on liquid nitrogen; Miracle-Gro our crystal meth. Cornstalks jonesing so hard for BioAg, silken tassels convulsed in paroxysms of distress as we tried to kick. Many of us didn’t make it. We pray the makers of Roundup are now consigned to the seventh circle of hell. “

(Mandy Szostek) #2

{good writing} :slight_smile: but that sucks about the mosquitoes. Im going to be in upper Minnesota for this July and August, but: i’ve been warned about the mosquitoes in the state and national parks there. Do you have any advice!? thanks-- and yeah, i have felt throughout my life, that trees and forests are more noble and beautiful and holy than human beings, and i have felt deep traumatic regret for our species. I have recently read the myth of Huwawa, the protector of the cedar forest, and how the humans made the story to allay their anxiety over using the sacred forest for their bulidings, and that their ritual of using the cedar to build a temple “to” the wood, or the god of the wood, came from this primal guilt.

(Agnes Seitz) #3

these tiny little insects are quite powerful here…they get whole herds of caribou to move…so the first tip I got from folks living here : KEEP MOVING :grin: lots of long sleeved shirts, long pants, and pack a easy to hang up netting for nights ! to get a break once in a while. expose yourself to some bites early…these are usually the worst…itchy and inflamed…after a few weeks my body seems to deal better with it…bites come and go within 30 min…some yarrow or plantain leaves crushed and rubbed on the bite help too. take a deep breath and stay calm…the never ending buzzing plays havoc with your nerves…and on the days when everything fails and I am just pissed …there is a little push- spray bottle in my first aid kit…chemical based :wink:

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(Mandy Szostek) #4

wow😯…!!! long sleeved shirts, coming right up