Spruce tip recipes?

this is mostly pointed @jenniferocious, but anyone else with recipes or tasty memories of spruce tip foods, please jump in. we’re still in the midst of harvest season here in ketchikan, since there are lots of areas heavily shaded where the tips are nice and tight yet, and i’m hoping to harvest some in the next few days. the thing is, i’ve only ever eaten them fresh or made fresh tea with them. got any recipes to share? i’ve heard mention of pesto & syrup, & would love to hear the basic process, or see links if you’ve used other folks’ recipes.

many thanks :heart: :evergreen_tree: :tea:

Don’t have any as I’m very new to it. But got me on em again I picked a handful on my walk to library. Tea seems good enough to me. May try a tincture

It might be getting a bit late for these, but my favourite is Pickled Spruce Tips.
just use your favourite pickle recipe. I do mine with a bit of honey and some juniper berries. they stay fairly firm and are great to eat right out of the jar. Also REALLY good mixing pickled spruce tips with salmon.

one of my favourite wild foods. and they are soo easy to harvest.

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thanks!! awesome to know that they pickle well.