[SOLVED] Forum instability ✅

(Andrew) #1

Since migrating to a new (bigger, faster) server with a new hosting company, we have been experiencing an unfortunate problem with the forum software crashing with increasing frequency. As of yet, we have not identified the problem, or a fix.

A decision regarding switching back to the former company will be made soon (likely within 24 hours). The good news is that they cut their prices in half withina week after the transition. The bad news is that we would have happily avoided a lot of extra work and headache if we had known about the price change in time.

Thank you for your patience. We share your frustration.

(Alexander Meander) #2

@andrew, thanks for the update. i am glad to hear the issue is getting close to some sort of resolution. i feel like every time i found some time to hang out here for a bit lately, the site was down.

i hope it all has not proven to be incredibly stressful for you. if so, drink some warm bone broth :wink:

(Andrew) #3

Pulled the trigger and migrated back to the previous hosting company. I wish I had some bone broth (or stronger)!

(BenSpiritbear) #5

Just got on and looks good so far and I was actually able to get on so that’s a big plus.