Rewilding going real

(Agnes Seitz) #1

how is this as rewilding…the feeling one gets when you realize you are definitely NOT the biggest predator in the vicinity… :slight_smile: we woke up this morning when a big cinnamon bear stumbled over the chainsaw and chairs on the tiny deck of our cabin…dang …that s getting too close…
what a summer start- we had 8 visits of bears ( 6 different ones …everything from black bear with cup, to two blacks, grizzly and now the red- brown black bear ) just in this last 6 weeks… and these are just the ones we actually saw…is there a ratio to actual visits ??
fun as long as I am inside…not so much when one is out in the garden…and yet another one walks up and has no intentions to leave …yelling just does not do it .air horn just gets shrugged off…and here he ( yeah mostly male…) comes closer again…bear spray at the ready…ignore behavior on both sides…
wow…moving on…heartbeat slowing down again…
but now I am wondering… whats next -
sooo…Andrew- got some easy instructions on how to build a smoker?

(Lloyd ) #2

Man that’s awesome. It’s a great feeling to run across bears on foot. Have had run ins since I was a kid and me and my dad would hunt all day alone in the north penna. mountains. We were even charged once, as I crow called for turkeys and my dad was mid squat to shit and a sow black bear did a bluff charge, super rare thing but it happened and I’ll never forget. Also had em be persistent in coming around while asleep camped years ago. I have em hang around my place, walking and breaking branches while I sit by a fire, bear prints on the side of my shack.

(Lloyd ) #3

Have any photos of your place?

(Agnes Seitz) #4

the special experience getting caught with pants down while the bear walks by… I ll always remember that one .
check out post on boreal gardening for pics of our place