Questions about visiting Alaska

I’ve been doing research about visiting Alaska, but finding conflicting answers, due to plandemic and just the overwhelming amounts of idiots that now have access to the derpa-net, so I figured I’d see if anyone here had recent experience or advice.

Can I drive a 6x6 waste oil powered short bus through Canada, with my revolver, .410/22 rifle, survival gear, tools, and supplies?

Would it be better to ship the guns to an ffl up there and pick them up when I get there?

Does anyone know of any intentional communities up there that would welcome a caucasian male that values personal responsibility and moral behavior, but aren’t hyper religious militants? I can’t seem to find a happy medium.

I really need to find a tribe that isn’t falling for the narrative, and “gets it”.

Which Alaska do you want to visit? I could name three:
Anchorage and area, Juneau (Southeast), and Native Alaska which includes most of the rest. I’ve lived in two of those areas. Southeast is probably the one you’d like the best, with its rainforests and very multicultural qualities. Also you can actually reach it by car. You can also reach Anchorage by car. Much of what I’m calling Native Alaska cannot be reached by car. But it’s the best. Very different from the city such as Anchorage and Lower 48 cities.
You can get answers to your gun questions from the authorities.
And I don’t know any alternative communities, but there is a Permaculture group in Anchorage and they would be a place to start.

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Sadly, this thread was a waste of time. My apologies. Looks like a covid “test” is required to enter Canada, and there’s no way anyone’s sticking anything up my nose.

I guess all I can do here is hole up and pray for the collapse/war to get itself over with.

God I wish Covid was a real pandemic. So tired of humanity. :frowning_face:

Hi Ernesto. I wonder why you think it isn’t real. I know too many people who’ve gotten sick or had family die.
But that’s not the point. However, I took a saliva test - nothing in the nose. Minnesota paid for it.
I do think Covid is making some cultural changes. Good or bad, we don’t know yet.

Edit: I don’t want to get into the psyop discussion here and endanger the forum. Very sorry.

Gotcha. No need to discuss.

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Just so this thread has some value for anyone that may have similar questions, here’s what I came up with.

  1. As of the date of this comment, a negative cootievirus test within 3 days is required to enter Canada.

  2. Only essential travel is allowed, meaning that one would need a letter from an employer, or documented medical reason to pass through.

  3. People coming in have to submit a quarantine plan, and pay to quarantine themselves for 14 days, in a government approved facility. The few I’ve found info on don’t allow pets, so animal boarding seems like a necessity too.

  4. It’s a good idea to register firearms with US customs before crossing, to ease re-entry.

  5. There are forms to fill out and fees to pay to get the firearms into Canada. The rifle, because it’s a low capacity hunting rifle, is easy. The handgun, even though it’s a 5 shot hunting revolver, is a “restricted weapon” and requires more paperwork.

  6. You are only allowed to bring up to 200 rounds of ammo.

  7. For about $75 per firearm, plus shipping, the firearms and ammo could be sent to a gun store in AK and picked up upon arrival.

  8. As far as community up there goes, there just isn’t much online, which is probably smart.

You are factual, the CDC admits it has failed to isolate anything they call the CV or SARS 2. Other governments have been forced to disclose the same fraud. Lawsuits have been filed. The PCR test was developed by a Nobel prize winning scientist that made it abundantly clear it was a test for genes RATHER than a diagnostic tool for an infection. Conveniently he “DIED” in 2019. We have known for decades viruses are not alive; viruses lack a metabolism hence cannot reproduce nor be transmitted. Viruses are debris from our bodies’ response to toxins whether it is food, chemicals, stress, EMFs ( ie mobile phones, 5G and cell towers, etc.) etc. Folks will insist they know people that got ill and even died from cv. Sadly, IN LIFE BEFORE CV people got SICK and they DIED, even unexpectedly. If one looks at the highest rates of death from so called cv they are in 1) the USA 2) the UK. And in those two countries, deaths occurred in 1) hospitals 2) nursing homes in these two countries. What were the pre-CV top three causes of death? Properly taken drugs and medical accidents. ADD to this that the so called CURE of a lockdown caused 300,000 SUICIDES which include children… we live in a pre-lude to actual hell on earth. Unbelievably, people want to push the fearmongering, they keep HEXING each other. From what I gather, Alaska seems like the last frontier. While on PAPER there are restrictions, when you are there IN PERSON, it might be another story. You are not the only person retreating to Alaska. When I went to that mad-house of a state, there were many single white heterosexual men there… and without shame for being born of a gender or skin color. Things might have changed in 12 or so years yet… it is Alaska.

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Trying to explain a psyop induced psychosomatic over reaction and medical malpractice to most sheeple is just futile. It’s sad. I really can’t say they’ll be missed if we’re right.

The only things that have kept me from heading up to Alaska so far are the cold, and having to go through Canada. My joints hurt like crazy when it’s freezing outside, and I really don’t like crossing international borders. It makes me feel like a cow in the chute at the feedlot.

I think I’ll probably stay here in Arizona, and prepare for war. Running away just isn’t my style, and I’ve invested years of my life making connections and learning the land around here. I just have to keep the faith that if I build it, the community will form organically.

It seems AZ has some good things going for it. Lots of active and retired Military… as long as they are not brainwashed into torturing vulnerable people with masks…

At this point, after seeing that this child is being punished for breathing, I feel we that care need to stand up. Stand fast. This is a multi-level war. We are in a supernatural war… Good news is Lord Jesus Christ defeated satan 2000 years ago.

My favorite thing about AZ is it’s still possible to escape from what’s left of humanity for short periods. The land and climate tend to keep the zombies in their concrete cages.

@andrew I’m a little conflicted here. Definitely don’t want to be political or religious to the detriment of the forum, but I also need to identify tribe, and don’t want to be rude and ignore people. If you don’t want this stuff on the forum and axe the whole thread, I wouldn’t be offended one bit. P.S. I worry about you guys when you don’t post for long periods. Hope all is well!

There is so much going on in life and so many other social media platforms it is a challenge keeping them all current… posting regularly…