Putting up some more wood

Well we had a nice warm up in the weather the past few days so I decided to get a couple of more cords of woods cut. Thankfully I have stacking helpers. Woke up to snow falling this morning so I’m glad I did it. It amazes me how many people that live in wooded areas and have a lot of access to timber don’t heat with it because of the work.

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Do you have hickory, hackberry, Osage, or mulberry in 50"+ lengths consider making a bow for those kids! No, they won’t shoot their eyes out!


Most of what is on the property is red, black and white oak. Some hickory have had good luck with oak although some dont like it, its worked well for me and of course hickory.

The pile of “cabin logs” close to the finished cabin is starting to look real tempting now that our other firewood piles are gone.


I figure you can’t have too much firewood around. Even though our winters aren’t as long we do use firewood all year long to do a lot of cooking and preserving meat so I go through more than the average person around here. Plus I have the opportunity right now to get a lot from a neighbors property. Last year a storm came through and some straight line winds went through a corner of his property taking down several trees, many oaks. He has told me to take all I want and there’s enough on the ground for 3 or 4 years of wood. I dont take it all because its also good for the forest but there is plenty there. I’ll probably go cut some more this week.

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We are finishing up our home, and the only wood that I had was about 2 cords from clearing. I bought 6 cords and a friend gave me another 3 cords. So I should have enough for our first winter in our new house (600sqft)