Physical traits of domestication & stoicism

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Does anyone have info regarding how human phenotype/physiognomy can indicate the extent of domestication?
Seems the domesticator class would align ideals of beauty/etc. to trend toward further domestication.

Also, does stoicism lend itself well to those seeking to create a more feral system- when it comes to general worldview and interactions with other people?

I do not know of an actual study of the domestication of people, but there is plenty of evidence throughout history of how the ruling class wanted their workers/colonized slaves to be. The English bias towards the Irish is a good example, as is the colonial attitudes towards all them “savages.”
I do not put any hope in stoicism. Despair yes, but I do not see it as a good social tool, especially in situations where subsistence is the goal. Stoicism is a closed circle, a reactionary circle the wagons move, which got us to where we are now.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll have to think about it some more. Do you have a synopsis of how we got to where we are now? I don’t think it was entirely accidental- but have nothing to really offer with any coherent explanatory power. I’m relatively new to thinking about this kind of stuff and have decades of the mainstream narrative left to jettison. Have a good rest of the weekend.

I vaguely remember Chris Ryan talking about the dysevolutionary effects of domestication but can’t remember if it was on a podcast, or in his book, Civilized to Death.

Basically, jaw, hip, and collar bones change shape, bone density drops, height increases, homosexuality, gender dysphoria, and sexual deviance(non-procreative, recreational use of sexual energy) becomes more normal, and propensity towards autoimmune, dental, digestion, and eyesight problems increase.

I also read a bunch about “domestication syndrome” a while back and think it might be relevant, but my head hurts too bad to remember anything lately. I’ll have to look it back up again.

The psychological signs of an overly domesticated human culture seem to be very similar to the results from the rat park/mouse utopia experiments.

Popular beauty standards do trend towards domestication caused dysgenics. Examples from the founding cultures of Western civilization are men with no winter fat reserves, and small muscles, and tall women with strong jaw lines, narrower shoulders and hips, neotenous faces, and exposed ribs.

The “progressives” have been pushing back on this, but as usual, they’ve gone to the other extreme, trying to psyop people into believing that unhealthy, obese, genetically deficient people should be considered beautiful too.

In Nature, “beauty” is just a reflection of health. As usual with civilized society, the far ends of all spectrums are focused on by the ones attempting to steer culture, when the truth is usually right down the middle. This division benefits them because the people fight each other instead of fighting for their freedom. Most of the time, it ends up leading to a conflict the psychos lose control of, the herd culls itself a bit, another psycho fills the power vaccuum created by dysevolved, dependent, domesticated people, and we start the same dumb civilization experiment again.

Not only do the inherently psychopathic leaders of domesticated cultures use psychological operations and genocide to steer the genetic development of their sheeple to make them more docile, dependent, and controllable, like farmers do with animal livestock, the technology necessary for civilized life always ends in us increasing our dependence upon it.

Indoor climate control is a great example. For most civilized folks, anything hotter or cooler than 70 degrees is uncomfortable, to the point of stopping work if technology isn’t employed, where folks that live outside and move around all day can be comfortable and productive over a much wider temperature range, in nothing but shorts or loin cloths.

Myopia is another example. We sit inside, focusing on things less than twenty feet away for 90% of the day, our eyes change shape, we get glasses, which prevent our eye muscles from exercising when outside, and we become dependent upon them, and the industry and psycho hierarchies that inherently come along with that dependence

Over time, people with mutations that actually deform the eyes to the point of making glasses a necessity no matter what, survive due to the availability of glasses, when they wouldn’t have in a natural system, and end up having kids with the same, or worse, genetic defects, and an increased dependence on civilization.

Go through this scenario with every form of tech that we interact with, and the cause of humanity’s dysevolution and psychopath/sheeple becomes alarmingly apparent.

Fire was the first technology. We still haven’t figured out how to use it peacefully and sustainably, after tens of thousands of years.

Technology is the apple in the Adam and Eve story, and Pandora’s box in Greek mythology.

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As to your question about stoicism, I think cynicism is the more feral/natural philosophy.