Permaculture north of 60 winter fun

(Agnes Seitz) #1

just another day at -40…winter will last another 3 months…we get maybe 2 hours of power in the cabin…close to the woodstove is the favorite spot…the first rays of sun are coming over the mountains these days…so we gotta find things to do…today its mixing herbal tea… for the next few months…and the smell does bring a taste of summer…even if all I can see is snow out there :slight_smile: .so I went and mixed up our second batch of herbal tea- we nearly used up first 1/2 I made in October- all plants are gathered from garden and wild around our place - air dried in cabin- stored in paperbags - double in cardboard box on shelf in sunroom… nettles, fireweed leaves, strawberry leaves, raspberry leaves, black currant leaves ( my absolute favorite), calendula flowers, wild rose flowers, mint, yarrow, motherworth, and a few more…
the smell in cabin alone is awesome …happy teatime for all those cold days

(gertie) #2

It is also nice to chop wood, especially the bigger pieces, goes way easier, bring out the grey water and the honey bucket, go to the outhouse, it makes you feel alive. Life in the north is awesome, I do not understand why people do not want to move up here. We eat moose and our garden produce, we forage berries and herbs. Life is good.
One of us has a job to pay for the good life…