Paul Kirtley(bushcraft guy) and other possible closet primitivists


Has anyone else listened to Paul Kirtley’s podcast or his #askpaulkirtley series?(That’s the actual name.
I’ve been listening through both and in the q&a series some of his answers make me think he’s a semi-closeted primitivist. He’s certainly on our side of things on a lot of topics.
The rant about leave-no-trace zealots was spot on and could easily have been written here.
Have you noticed any other public or semi public figures who seem aligned or sympathetic who aren’t associated with these sorts of views explicitly?

(Andrew) #2

I’ve listened to 3 or 4 episodes. The one about the kayak expedition through the Aleutian’s was really good.

You might like John Turk’s podcast, Exploring Deep Wilderness. He’s definitely of a similar mindset. And hey, he managed to achieve National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year 2012, so he’s riding his way to quasi-primitivist fame and glory. Thanks to @alexandermeander, his book, The Raven’s Gift, is still on the top of my book pile. Now if only I can unbury myself from the pile of broken websites.

Big Brains, No Tools | Jon Turk at TEDx

I’ve heard him mention going to high school with George W. Bush, so maybe we’ll be mainstream soon.


Nice. I’ll check that out. The Aleutians episode was really good. The Q&A series has some good bits when he goes off about something, but it can be a bit tedious.


About 10 minutes in I realized I’ve heard him before. Interesting guy, among other things he canoed around… Ellesmere Island, I think it was.

(Andrew) #5

Yes, the Ellesmere Island thing is what the NatGeo link was about. That’s where I learned that polar bears are afraid of salty language.