Ötzi only got a D+ on his primitive skills test. What's your excuse?

A self-perceived lack of skills is one of the most common excuses reasons we hear for not living wilder lives. The good news is that you probably need fewer $2,000 weekend skills courses than you think!

The common level of pressure skill on his tools appears as quite homogeneous and can be evaluated as medium to good (level of 6/7 on a scale of 1 to 10), which signifies a level of skill that is just effective enough to achieve correct results


You know, @andrew, I don’t need all that much encouragement to just throw together a pack basket and attempt to Walk to your place from here. Yes, I am on an island. In what some would consider unwalkable territory. Twist my arm. :upside_down_face:


Yeah…finally science confirms my approach…even if it comes with a Grade…Darn D + when we made the decision 12 years ago to move from a city to the edge of the woods there was so much to learn and no time to be special about it.lots of trial and error and the attitude just become : heck it works - good enough for ME ! Living a double life at this point sure helps…civilization is still close enough to cover bigger mistakes…but learning more each day…and hey : it will take generations to get it all back


I’ve definitely come to believe that the tool kit required for a wilder existence is simpler than what’s been sold in the most prevalent schools of thought. Take fire for instance. How many primitive ways to start a fire do you really need?

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