Mission & Goals

(Feralculture Robot) #1


“To create and expand a global network of community land as a living laboratory for the ethnogenesis of a renewed hunter-gatherer culture and the regeneration of landscapes necessary to support it.”

Goals (derived from mission statement)

  1. To liberate land from the agricultural-industrial State system by “purchasing” properties to protect with land conservation trusts
  2. To shift anthropocentric lanscapes to regenerative wild ecosystems with permaculture nudges.
  3. To replace reliance on things and technology with earth skills.
  4. To remove ourselves from the commodified and industrial food systems.
  5. To remove ourselves from the economy based on abstract measures of value.
  6. To replace complex technologies with DIY tools individuals can make themselves.
  7. To shift human social existence from agricultural (control) norms to hunter-gatherer (play) norms.

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(Alex Kurtser) #3

To play devil’s advocate: A year later, are you still happy with the mission and goals and how they are worded? Is there anything that can be added, removed, worded differently, or simplified?