Mission & Goals


“To create and expand a global network of community land as a living laboratory for applied hunter-gatherer culture and the regeneration of landscapes necessary to support it.”

Goals (derived from mission statement)

  1. To liberate land from the monoculture system by purchasing properties to protect with land conservation trusts
  2. To shift human-centric lansdcapes to regenerative and diverse wild ecosystems with permaculture nudges.
  3. To replace reliance on things and technology with earth skills.
  4. To remove ourselves from the industrial food systems.
  5. To remove ourselves from the economy based on abstract measures of value.
  6. To replace complex technologies with DIY tools individuals can make themselves.
  7. To shift human social existence from agricultural norms to hunter-gatherer norms.
  8. To remember that “feral” is not wild. This will always be a process. Success will require generations.

This is a wiki. Collaboration is welcome.

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To play devil’s advocate: A year later, are you still happy with the mission and goals and how they are worded? Is there anything that can be added, removed, worded differently, or simplified?

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Always room for improvement. The more voices the better.

This sounds fair to me. There are surely going to be issues with particular items for some properties, but as long as everyone keeps item 8 in mind and at least strive to attain the majority of these goals I don’t see why most people can’t accept this. But I’ve been wrong before!

Edit to add: I’m not one to get picky about wording/phrasing too early. Just start connecting people & properties…the words can change over time. Build an MVP and fine-tune the message based on first trials.

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This hasn’t really changed in 5 years. I tweaked some language for simplicity today.

It’s a wiki though. Further improvements welcome.

What does everybody think about adding a section about the benefits to the childrearing process, or is this too far off topic? My main concern is for the next generation. In descending order of importance, I want my son and my friends’ children:

  1. To grow up within a nurturing community
  2. To grow up in nature, and experience the sounds, sites, and rhythms of the land that I believe are necessary for proper human development
  3. To become “teachers” early in their lives, benefiting their sense of purpose and belonging while helping those slightly younger than them learn about the world around them (and incidentally making parenting much less stressful)
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I agree with adding goals about passing down said knowledge and information. It is not simply enough for us to want pursue this path ourselves if this push dies with us. We need to instill these values in younger generations. We are certainly not wild as you say but feral but in a few generations we could be raising children that are more feral than we can be today and move in the right direction. However, if we do not teach them the knowledge may also die with us as well. In order to continue our work we need to teach younger individuals the benefits and importance of belonging to the earth and not the opposite way of thinking.

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Is there a way to condense that and/or adapt the language to encompass this?

The mission is broad strokes. Also, we don’t want to make it all about kids and parents. Those who choose not to (or can’t) have children shouldn’t be alienated.