Minoritarian Strategies

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If their way of life is intentionally being disrupted and they wish to preserve it should they;

A. adopt a minoritarian approach similar to the Amish- pose no threat to the system with the hope that it allows them to exist intact?

B. be more like the Mormans- create a space for the core identity group to exist but also send some out to march through the institutions- using this institutional power to protect the group?

C. ??

An analogy might be if we(small minority at this point) want to keep using government owned lands to “rewild” do we attempt to stay off the radar or help one of our own become a DNR Director.

I’ve read that the last shamanic people to evade the inquisition in Europe were called the Benandanti. Were their elders able to concoct a plan to out last the Holy See or were they simply subsumed by it? Regardless, I hope the guys in the picture can keep going for a very long time.


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I consider this all the time. One of my inventions is a hemp/bamboo pedal electric amphibious camper trike, that’s powered by an electric chainsaw that easily detaches, and the idea is that it would provide the shelter, power, and transportation necessary for one to navigate, fly under the radar, and live a feral life on public lands.

While, I’m really a primitivist at heart, I realize that I need things like glasses and wheels to survive, and civilization has created plenty of waste that can be used as a resource. I see some tech necessary as a transition back to simpler ways.

Anyway, my thought for years was to fly under the radar, going off trail and down rivers to camp far away from tourists and rangers, but with surveillance/drone tech advancing, and the increasing chance of wildfires that would be extremely dangerous to a remote nomadic tribe, I’ve been considering interacting with the system.

I heard a presentation from a group called the Four Forest Restoration Initiative about the wildfire situation in north central Arizona, and after hearing their dilemas, made a plan that could give people a chance to live with Nature, while simultaneously doing the necessary fire prevention and conservation work in the forests, and giving a new option to homeless people.

The plan would involve building lots of these trikes and setting up areas where people were allowed to camp, starting with “donuts” around the cities, provided they followed some basic rules.

The trikes could be sold, rented, and/or provided by grant to qualified homeless people. Offgrid/bushcraft/survival/wild permaculture courses could be taught by participants and the public could pay to camp and attend them, which would fund the program. Public lands authorities also give out multimillion dollar contracts to incentivize logging companies to remove trees that aren’t commercially viable, and they can’t even fill all of the contracts.

This would give people that wanted or needed a way out of civ an option. By moving through, and living in the forest, they’d remove and use underbrush, and help build soil, vetted participants could act as rangers, thickening the thin green line, and it would save the taypayers millions per year in conservation/fire prevention expenses.

I know that my personality is just not optimized for interaction with government, or the public really, so I’ve been attempting to inspire someone with more compatibility with the system to run with the idea. I’m not holding my breath though!

The Lithuanian women shamans also escaped genocide by Christian. They went underground and turned all their tools into domestic implements (spindle, broom, bee smoker, etc). Their teachings are still alive today throughout the former Lithuanian kingdom (today’s Lithuania, eastern Poland, western Byelorusse, northwestern Ukraine).

Sounds like it combines a bike/kayak/tent/and power source using organic materials where possible- very interesting.

A feral life on public lands has been perplexing me lately. If part of American imperialism(maybe another way to say globalization) is to reduce a nation state’s ability to be self-reliant(conditions on IMF loans for example usually encourage dependency) it seems naïve to believe it will allow individual Americans to reduce dependency by utilizing empire owned lands to trade in surviving by money for surviving by nature(being allowed to go feral).

We are trained to believe rights come from God but somehow also via proxies such as politics and war. My guess is they will in my lifetime and with a stroke of the pen under the pretext of “sustainability” severely limit what can be done-could even go back to something like the Royal Forest system after the Norman conquest. Orwell/Huxley - thou shalt not/I will “leave no trace”

I like what you said about using waste and technology to transition back. We are trying to use the technology of homesteading but I’m still not sold on the efficacy.

The Four Forest Project seems to be casting a wide net, designed for a sample of the general population instead of those expressly interested in rewilding.

Thanks for the reply and have a good one.

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Do you know of any YouTube channels that talk about their teachings? I don’t know much about pre-Christian religions and was raised Christian myself.

I like the simplifications:

Woden’s defeat of the ice giants represents kingship and civilization triumphing over tribalism and the forces of nature.

The Olympian Gods’ defeat of the Titans represents the same thing.

It seems shamanism would predate forces of nature centered religion and be a good place to start.