Menu bar weirdness

(Andrew) #1

Continuing the discussion from New Ambassador Process:

Most of that stuff is black box from the Discourse software. Desktop or mobile? On desktop I added a Patreon link which might be messing with things, but I haven’t experienced this behavior.


It’s on Android tablet. I think mine may just be possessed though. It only does it in landscape view. The keyboard takes up the bottom half of the screen and the menu bar bounces up and down randomly between the keyboard and the top of the screen so when you try to click in the post to highlight or set the cursor, the menu jumps in the way. Using the device in portrait mode fixes the display but then the keyboard keys get too tiny for my fat booger hooks.

Someday, it will cool down enough that my laptop will run…someday…

(Andrew) #3

Which browser? Discourse is targeted at Chrome [stable] and they don’t always put effort into other browsers looking perfect. I don’t love the Googleness of Chrome, so I try to straddle the fence with Chromium. But I think that might relate to my status bar notifications not functioning on Android.


Firefox and the stock chrome based browser both do it. I avoid the googleness as much as possible.

(Andrew) #5

Hm. There are currently no customizations to the mobile site (unless I’m forgetting). Unless I’m mistaken, there’s nothing I know of that I can change or un-screw-up.


I’m pretty sure my device has cooties in general. It seems like it does lots of little finnicky things to try and tempt me to test its impact resistance.

(Andrew) #7

Ha! Yes, both of the [antiquated] tablets we have here at camp get used less and less because of various ‘features’ we haven’t learned to appreciate.


Disabling the samsung keyboard and everything google actually made mine somewhat useable. Fdroid sucks for getting apps though.

(Andrew) #9

Try Yalp from the F-droid repository. Downloads apps from Play Store without having Play Store.