Main Page suggestion

I’ve been sending a lot of people to the main page and have received a little bit of feedback that might be useful.

One has to scroll almost halfway down the main page before it gets into what the project is all about. It also loads really slowly due to all of the videos linked at the top and the animation. That top banner takes 3-5 minutes to load on a dual core 1.2ghz machine on internet good enough to stream 720p and you can’t scroll down for at least half of that time.

I personally witnessed three people scroll up and down a bit on the main page and get frustrated/confused enough to lose interest. One couldn’t find posts that I’d referenced because they didn’t know that registering gave them access to deeper levels so it might be good to clarify that a little more somewhere visible.

Layout wise, I’d recommend moving all of the stuff above "Online Community <-> Paleo. Permaculture. Rewilding <-> Intentional Community, and putting it at the bottom of the page. I took a screenshot of where I’d start the page at. All of the info/pics/setup, and everything are awesome as is. I just think this layout change would really help.

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We’ll take another look at web stuff after the ice starts to set in and we have a forced break from Fall hunting, fishing, and building projects.


Proposal: we implement a distributed 3+ node Kubernetes hosting setup based on real-time solar on the RPi Platform inspired by this:

TL;DR: The site just goes offline when there isn’t enough sun to power it. Immediate-return web hosting!


I love it!