If you don’t want Open Source Permaculture, FUCK YOU

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The sugar thing is terrible. I almost cried when I saw how much was in coconut water. It’s a pretty rare thing for me but if I’ve been thinking or working hard all morning and haven’t stumbled upon any food yet, even a little boost of sugar will keep me thinking for a bit. I generally always have a toothache and extra inflammation the next day.

As far as the feral/perma thing goes, I just like the model that feral cats provide. Outside civ, but close. Down to live on civ’s waste, or Nature. Independent by nature but cuddly and cooperative when necessary. The cat sexual promiscuity thing might not cross over to humans long term but the feral tribe needs to grow a bit if any of are to survive, no matter what happens regarding the stability of civ in the future.

I’ve probably only dumpster dived ten times in my life. Knowing employees at places is pretty much the only reliable practice. Most of the time, if I’m moving and interacting, I’m offered, or randomly stumble upon, more free/waste food than I can eat and don’t have to worry about it. I’m pretty that two feral humans can easily survive solely off of the waste of one average civilized human.