Hunter-Gatherer-Bushcraft group near Louisiana

Hey guys! I’m Kyle, a 24 year old Louisiana resident and native. I’m so glad to be here and thank you for reading this. I don’t know you but consider you my brothers and sisters of the wild. I look forward to talking and getting to know some of you more.

Let’s get right to this. And before I say it, I’ll give you a snapshot of the person I am. What pays my bills is me being a veterinary technician working 40-45hrs a week and I’m not married and have no kids. But of course my true passion is being in the wild woods, identifying plants or keeping an eye out for potential animals to eat or study. And it’s not jus_t the plants and animals but the quiet, isolated, beautiful atmosphere of the being in the wild that draws me deeper in. So much better than cities a_nd even small towns. I have always said that I am a modern man that can still feel and recognize his ancestors’ blood within him and who has answered the call of the wild. The current modern society disappoints/angers/sickens me daily. Yes it has very many wonderful uses and conveniences.

It is true that I am using modern technology right now to type this. It is true that we have it nice nowadays. But because of the deteriorating morals, increasing civil unrest, increased tension between the nations, increasing financial burdens placed on everyone, the oppressiveness of the U.S. authorities, breakneck pace of my work week, etc. etc… my heart is set on leaving this modern society behind and go live with a group/tribe/community within the US. My time goal? Very soon. My house will be paid off in 6 months and I will be free of all debt. I do not know if I can tolerate longer than 6-7 months to be honest with you.

I have practiced my bushcraft skills, read the books, gathered gear and ammo/weapons and resources to live “off the land and as one with the land.” I continue to learn every day and think out wilderness living scenarios and how to survive and thrive as well. I often tell myself that I am a young and physically fit survivalist enthusiast who has more heart to live in the wild than he has knowledge. But I am working on the knowledge part.

So let’s get to the main point. What is your thoughts on this? What advice do you have for your little brother? I will be searching for a group that exists, or create a group if need be. If it comes to it, I will even go out on my own into the local wild and find a good place to Survive. This of course will be a perilous journey that could result in death or even legal ramifications. I realize the risk. I long for the reward of a truly free life enjoying what I love most with people that share this love and passion to be “wild”. There is something very satisfying about being self-sufficient and focusing only on basic needs instead of running the American rat race. Like I said this group that I search for may not exist (yet) but please point me in the right direction. This group or the group that I help create will revolve around each member being able to protect and provide for not only themselves but the group as a whole. A real survival tribe mentality.

To prove to you that I have thought about this and have some competence, this is a list of the most important factors to consider when choosing to live in the great wild. The ingredients for success:

  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Foraging
  • Growing
  • Trapping
  • Fire Making
  • Cooking
  • Shelter
  • Tool Maintenance
  • Clothing
  • Stealth and Evasion (when necessary)
  • Medicinal remedies and insuring good hygiene and health


Unfortunately, there aren’t many. I am in a similar situation, looking for a community that lives a feral, rewild, or hunter-gatherer lifestyle. I did a search in an intentional community website and I came up with several communities that practice some kind of primitive living. Two of them are near Louisiana: Wildroots (North Carolina), and Bushcraft Community (Alabama),

I hope to spend the Fall, Winter, and Spring with the Wildroots people. I’ve been in contact with them and they will welcome me.

One of the most important aspects of rewilding is community. If you don’t live in a community it is very difficult to live a self-sufficient hunter gatherer lifestyle. We have a lot to learn about community building from people like the Amish. They have created an alternative and thrilling community from mainstream culture, enduring the pressures of modern society.

Good luck,