How much change are you ready for?

It is an early spring here in northern Minnesota. After the cold spell here, which was expected and prepared for unlike Texas and other southern locations, this period of mid to upper 40’s is undesirable.
Projections, and nature sense show that this is the new normal with greater changes yet to come.
How prepared will we be for the influx of populations from the south as their lands become less productive and inhabitable?

Good question. I figure it can go in two ways: preparing to integrate the people who arrive or a (vain) attempt to keep them out. Based on history, I speculate that the second scenario is more likely, but ultimately pretty useless.

A couple of years ago I read a book called When the English Fall which was a post apocalyptic story from an Amish point of view. The Amish absorbed as many of the refugees as the could as people started to leave the city, but in the end left in mass as the city people became more violent.
As a Jesus Anarchist, of a strong Mennonite leaning, I do not accept violence as a solution, but I know that my neighbors do not hold to such beliefs.
So I wait and see, prepare for the best and the worst.

I’ve always respected the Amish and wish them the best. It seems however that the system will eventually put them out on the street via either property taxes or fake scandals. It has attacked everything else traditional and healthy so they will get their turn. can’t hide under the banner of being a pacifist forever.

I’m going even further south, to a little oasis in the middle of an area where miners had to eat their horses after three months because the terrain’s so brutal.

I’m excited about it. Been trying to live wild life consistently since 2008. The incoming mRNA modified transhuman alpacalips was just the nudge I needed to start cutting the last cords.

I can not agree with your “hiding under the banner of pacifism.” I am a Marine Infantry veteran (1977-1991) and I do know how to fight and kill, but it solves nothing in the long term. And, yes, I know that there are those who believe that you can not be peaceful unless you can back it up by the threat of force. That does not work. It is better to absorb new comers than kill them.

It would be interesting to compare notes. Sounds like you served during the “cold war” dialectic. I swore into the Army Infantry 09Sep2001 and separated in 2009. Not familiar with Jesus Anarchism but see Christianity as a flexible system. In a high stress ecology the Old Testament fight and kill aspects can be drawn from and when things are safe and secure the Sermon on the Mount can be paramount.

Wow, that sounds great. We just sold 7 dairy goats and 10 ducks-- doing a great reset of sorts so it is easier to detect the nudge when it comes- I would love to have the setup we have now in a very low population density area. Good luck out there and keep us posted.

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It actually turns out that the nearest town, and small gated community, that I have to drive through to get up there, is chock full of uppity liberal retirees that love to call the county on anyone that can’t afford to build a half million dollar permitted home, and the small town rumor mill already has them talking about me being a radical, and wanting to build a compound up there, even though I have no plans to “build” anything at all up there.

I also found out that the z0gb0t boot lickers from Luke AFB like to fly over the property in the middle of the night, 500 feet off the deck, and break the sound barrier. Not cool with me one bit.

I’m so sick of ignorant, arrogant Americans that I wish the plandemic was real, and the market’s crazy for offgrid land right now, so I’m seriously considering selling it, and using the funds to get out of the Divided States of Frankist Zion for good.

Just have to figure out how to escape without getting probed by white coats due to the magical cootievirus.

With any luck, I’ll stroke out trying to finish my bus alone and won’t have to worry about this dysevolved alien ant farm anymore.