How do you determine your Fees?

[This is currently under review]

We base fees on a population density target of 10 people per hectare (about 2 people per acre), or 2000 m² (roughly 1/2 acre) per person. The Joining Fee is calculated with the estimated cost to liberate more land in order to increase our population and maintain a minimum population density of 10/ha and maximum of 20/ha. Our current estimate is:

$1 per square meter X 2,000 m² = $2,000 for Full Membership

As new members join, Joining Fees are used to liberate more land.

Example*: Consider a 1.4 ha (14,000 m² or 3.5 acres) property for $14,000. Our target population for land of this size would be a minimum of 7 (rounded off from 7.5) and a maximum of 14. The Joining Fee for members 1-7 calculates to $2,000 each (7 X $2,000 = $14,000), and is applied directly to the purchase of the initial property. Once the minimum population density is reached, the search for additional land begins. The Joining Fee for members 8+ would cover the purchase of the next piece of land. *This example is a bit of an oversimplification. Expenses such as projected closing costs are built into the calculations.

This seems like a lot of people per the area. Is the idea something along the lines of a village setting with a much wider area of hunting/foraging land?

The idea is to minimize the land we must purchase while maximizing the land we can access. For instance, our first node is 4 acres but is surrounded by state land with (relatively) favorable hunting regulations. So the equation here, really just a rough guideline, is mostly for determining camp size, and not about confining all subsistence activities to that area.

That makes good sense.