Flavius Aetius

**the gens Flavia was once a powerful family of admittedly plebeian stock, but that produced emperors and generals and a man like Flavius Aetius was most certainly the best, and yet, he endured seeing his world be reduced to ashes when cattle herders that ate raw meat and had deformed faces from ritualized infant abuse came riding through from the steppe. I agree with you on so many things but at times I wonder, if it is not a better strategy to initiate the external proletariat that will topple this West of yours. Is it of use to have this epimethean approach when as we both know, it will die, it will end?

Yet the habiru that destroyed bronze age civilization were barbarians squatting on abandoned land, the goths and huns were inhabitants of the outskirts of empire and right now as we speak the cartels of mexico penetrate the Limes Americanorum

(And if that sounds farfatched, let me remind all here that the Nomad, in his poverty, will outlive us, because he has outlived every civilization so far)**

I thought I’d cut and paste this comment from a youtube video I happened across today- it was written to someone advocating for a saving of western civilization via the usual bag of tricks(philosophy, right reason, religion, etc.),---- hope everyone out there is enduring what seems to be the second wave the you know what scare. Starting to get personal as I’ll soon lose my job if I don’t take the you know what. The comment is a good reminder to live outside the system in order to outlive it.

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