Fish skin tanning and Lotta Rahme; Bark Tanning

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(Dennis Lanigan) #1

Alaska folks, and whomever else, a friend of mine went to Sweden to meet up with Lotta Rahme who does a lot of fish skin tanning. (See her work here: He’s bringing back her tanning books Traditional Tanning: Leather and Furskin and Fish Leather: Tanning and Sewing. Do people up there want a copy of these books? My friend is going to distribute Lotta’s books in the States.

When I come up next summer I’ll be bring up copies if people just want to check them out.

And, speaking of tanning books, I wrote a Bark Tanning zine that I’d like some people to look at in it’s rough draft state like: @andrew, @jenniferandrews, @davidjonas or any people directly involved in the Feralculture project. I’d like to develop the zine into something that will make a little money for my adventure North (especially for gear) and for Feralculture as well.


I’m interested in copies of her books. They are pretty expensive though.