Feeding Facebook?

(Andrew) #1

@Outreach and others, is anyone up for helping out with posting popular forum content and/or other related content to the various #feralculture social media accounts?

It would be good to automate some of that. I haven’t quite figured out how to do the alchemy of IFTTT and/or Buffer and/or SocialPilot to get popular forum posts to feed the places automatically. The problem I’m running into is that they pick up the entire feed and push it blindly, which sometimes ends up pushing through junk content.

Of course, the idea is to pull people back to the forums through interesting content here rather than the other way around.

(Alexander Meander) #2

i am. i got to get off of here, but want to briefly say that i did post the forums/website link to a group i manage at facebook, rewild appalachia just an hour ago. here is what that looked like:

for those of you interested in spending more time having discussions outside of facebook on topics related to this group (i know i am), i recommend joining the forums over at the feralculture website: link

here is a “Welcome to feralculture” introduction to help you determine if this is the right place for you: link

the feralculture website itself (link) was birthed from the feralculture project, which in summary, looks to create a network of nodal hunter/gatherer friendly communities based on a sort of hybridization of rewilding + permaculture. in fact, parts of the discussion there stem from looking to define what exactly feralculture is and how it can be achieved. if this sounds like something that you’d dig, well, dig in. :footprints:

i have been hoping to be more active on here myself, but i have also been trying to limit my computer time, while also using this very cold-for-NC weather to do other much-needed computer work. this means soon i will be tackling my blog, which is exciting.

i’ll say more later.

(BenSpiritbear) #3

I can help.


I don’t want to come off as negative but have you considered the possibility that people will just “get their feralculture fix” on the few posts available on facebook, click like, and move on, when they might be more inclined to search elsewhere and participate at a deeper level if there was no interesting information available to them on antisocial media?

In a big way, facebook.google,twitter, etc are dependent upon people posting interesting content. In my experience, the good people came by word of mouth/direct searches. I never had a single social media connection comment or participate on my forums/blogs.

(Andrew) #5

If I thought Facebook would suffer in any way by withdrawing support, I would do so.

I have considered disabling comments on forum posts in the FB group to mitigate the tendency for people to get stuck in Facebook. This can be done only on a per-post basis by moderators, but I think it is a good policy in general.


I was just thinking that something like only posting enough of a topic to draw interest and disabling comments would be a good strategy. Lots of corporate sites do that to drive traffic where they want. They post a clickbait title and a half assed article with no details and put a “read more” link at the bottom. The people that are really interested or have something to say, they can follow the link to interact more.