Conventional camping/survival advice/lists/behaviors


I was flipping through an outdoor survival book and noticed a list of "how to behave in bear country."
My immediate thought was that maybe a short term camper would do some of that, but no one who lives or spends considerable time in those areas is doing much of it. Things like locating cooking areas 100 yards from sleeping areas, that sort of thing.

What standard outdoor advice/behavior have you noticed that is either obviously wrong or impractical?

(Andrew) #2

It probably comes from a good place, and makes some sense in high traffic areas, but most of the “leave no trace” stuff is silly in boreal forests. Not only does it reinforce the artificial psychological divide between humans and wild spaces, it pretends humans aren’t/can’t/shouldn’t participate in nutrient flows. The forest “wants” to feed things with omnivore shit, and “wants” dry fuel to be burned in small quantities over time rather than an inferno.

I think it’s a good rule of thumb to question (I didnt say ignore!) any rule that requires buying something made from petroleum like gas stoves, water filters, or waterproof-breathable fabrics. There are reasons for these things, but sometimes they aren’t great reasons.