Boreal gardening update 2018

July in the Yukon…our mix of annual gardening and perennial food forest trial looks pretty good- seems there will be lots of food again , berries in abundance …which the bears also noticed- a time when we really enjoy the horticulture part of our lives.
It s been a really crazy winter here- solidly back in zone 2 with temps going below - 40 celcius for a few times, warm spells in between, heavy ice rain…really unpredictable weather…some gardeners here in area lost up to 1/2 of their perennial plants- even many native plants died off during this winter. In my 10 years of growing here this has been the most challenging one - with nightfrost till end of June - and a short season of usually 60 days frost free not going to happen this year.
we pretty much lost everything we were pushing for with microclimates for a zone 3. We do grow/ plant/ make room for wild foods with up to 200 different plants in our gardens- which allows for always something to survive and grow…and WE just adjust what we eat…
Voles got most of our crabapple seedlings - pine seedlings and other berry cuttings did survive the winter in nursery beds- so these are the ones we will be planting this year.
Foraging here in our area often means having to drive distances between 50 and 100 km to get to bigger patches of berries, wild foods - with growing many of those on purpose out back we can avoid this - and yeah we are older people…so gathering in my backyard sure is easier.
as always it is such a pleasure and joy to watch the abundance in our backyard, to mingle with the plants and animals that gather here and I even enjoy the humbling lessons I learn along the way.