(Dennis Lanigan) #1

This is random and nerdy, but I want to show off my bike. It’s a 1991 Diamondback Overdrive. One of the first with the 29er dimensions I found it when I was looking for something similar to the Salsa Fargo. I wanted a super cheap go anywhere bike (forest roads to sand to pavement) and I found it for $100. I have walked miles to hunt and trap and I imagine riding this would be more fun. If you see one for sale I strongly recommend them!

(Mandy Szostek) #2

i am all about bikes…especially bike camping. i have a trailer now which has been amazing!! its for dogs, but i put hundreds of pounds in it. “The houndabout” ----but the tires kept wearing down bc of the weight. otherwise, it held up great!!! So, because of the tires issue, i’, thinking of getting a surly “bill” trailer. It’s amazing what you can do; i packed my tent, all my stuff into it :slight_smile: including 60 pund dog…who was very happpy to travel. these people got the basic trailer, then built up the sides and top for their dogs. ///The trailer i used was really deep. This one will be more shallow, but hold 300 pounds.

It looks like you found a good bike!!

(Dennis Lanigan) #3

I like that trailer! I could carry a yurt in that beast.

(Mandy Szostek) #4

he hee— awesome. i really did not feel the weight behind me!!