Are pets welcome?

We encourage a path toward total liberation for human and non-human animals, and we do have prohibitions against pets. There are also concerns for the complex relationships with the surrounding ecosystem, and we do not wish to introduce canine, feline, reptilian, or avian predators into any biome. Further, many of the items (e.g., dried fish) and activities (e.g., brain-tanning hides) on Community Land are seen as delicious food to many animals besides humans.

It’s sometimes possible to have a dog on Community Land; however this exception is limited, and typically only applicable to sled dogs in northern climates. While Full Members may have dogs on Community Land under certain conditions, a Provisional Member who wants to bring a dog during the Provisional Membership period would have to get special permission first, and such a request may or may not be granted. After becoming a Full Member, the dog would be considered for acceptance separately from the person, and the dog’s behaviors and impact on the community would be taken into consideration. If there are no concerns about the dog, there might be a provisional term for it as well.

No dogs? That’s a bit strange to me. Especially with every non-tropical culture in the world as a counter example. :confused:

The language above is intended to preclude “pets”, generally. There is a significant difference between dogs adapted to hunter-gatherer life and dogs adapted to agricultural/civilized life.

Good to know. There is definitely a big difference between a border collie or a mastiff and the mix of Spitz types that most northern peoples have lived with or my last dog that had multiple wolves in the last three generations of his ancestry.

What?! NO cougar-kitties on the node I want to start?
Seriously, I researched the possibility of raising 2 male cougars from little cubs deep in the backwoods where they could run free, hunt, and mate with fully wild females whenever they want. See the story of Howard and Dorothy’s 2 male cougars deep in the backwoods of Northern Idaho, in Love Affair with a Cougar, by Lynn Hancock.
One of many problems here in Northern CA is that remote Forest Service land is infested with drug gangs doing trespass grows and poisoning the Land severely toxic, banned rodenticides. The Forest Service “just doesn’t have the resources” to deal with the problem. WHY not return the Land to the Original People who want to live there in the ancestral Way, along with allied rewilding descendants of the invaders doing the same? With sufficient firepower to CLEAN OUT the mess.

I wouldn’t exactly call raising native species to rewild non-human animal populations “pets”. Ha!

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