Ardea Landmate Opportunity 2018

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(Alexander Meander) #1

howdy y’all. here at Ardea we are shying away from hosting our typical apprenticeship this year, and in its stead are looking for a more casual arrangement for 2 feral-type folks.

details can be found at the following links:

2018 Landmate Opportunity details at our website

2018 Landmate Opportunity details at our facebook page

and here are the 2018 Landmate Opportunity details in full:

Creating strong, lasting human relationships is something that is important to us here at Ardea. This year we would like to open up the land to 1 – 2 like-minded folks who want to live an earth-based existence here from April through October. In past years we have offered structured apprenticeships, where we facilitated a learning experience throughout the several months of the growing season. However, with the arrival of our daughter, Meissa, who is just a few weeks old, we feel we have our hands full in a new way and are instead seeking a more casual landmate arrangement for 2018. Each time we host folks here on the land we find our own experience to be enhanced, both by the energy that gets infused into the landscape, as well as into our hearts. If you do not already have an idea of the details surrounding Ardea (particularly the where, what, and who), please take a moment to browse through our website.

A Good Fit
The following bullets offer an overview of qualities that we believe will lead to an ideal experience sharing land for the growing season:

  • Those who send a letter of interest should be aligned with the philosophies that determine our lifeway here at Ardea. In brief, ecological (Earth community) aspects are upheld by ecocentric values and social (Human community) aspects are upheld by egalitarian values.
  • Personal qualities that will mesh best here include: self-motivation, open and clear communication/transparency, flexibility, and contentment with a simple existence.
  • We feel like this opportunity is the perfect fit for those persons who yearn for the freedom to work on their own projects, and so we expect those that apply to have a skill/craft (or multiple ones) that they intend to work on during their stay.

We need to maintain a semi-private living space in the main house at Ardea. Due to having a newborn, as well as being introverts that facilitate social and educational events (to see past events visit our facebook events page) on a regular basis, time alone is a requirement of ours. However, there is ample space on the land to create a primitive campsite to settle into and we fully support the creation of primitive/temporary shelters. We will also agree upon certain daytime hours (a likely example: 11am - 6pm) when the main house will be available for shared use of the internet, electricity, shower, etc. We have a timber-framed, open-air structure that we use for classes and events. This space is available for use as an outdoor kitchen area. The loft of this structure is an above-ground, sheltered area able to serve many potential needs. There is a composting toilet downhill from this structure, and a large fire pit just to the east. The area within and around this structure can be used as a central work area for focusing on particular skills or crafts. There is plenty of space on the land if you would like to maintain a personal garden. You are also welcome to be integrated into the care of our homestead garden.

In exchange for this opportunity we ask for a small amount of support around the homestead (5 hours a week). More hours of support can be offered and arranged in exchange for cultivated foods and herbal medicines from our apothecary. In other words, there is room for a great deal of flexibility and adaptation regarding any arrangement. By making sure to keep clear and open lines of communication, everyone can have their needs met.

To apply
If you are interested in living here at Ardea this growing season (April through October), please send us a letter of interest. This letter should:

  • Serve as a detailed introduction
  • Tell us what draws you to Ardea
  • Share details of your personal interests and passions
  • Share qualities of yourself that you are proud of
  • Share qualities of yourself that you are not proud of

Letters of interest should be sent to [email protected]. Please name the email subject Ardea Landmate 2018. We will arrange a time to have you out to the land so that we can get to know one another and see if this opportunity will be a good fit for all of us.

If you have any questions please contact us using the email above.

In gratitude,
Stacey, Alex, & Meissa