Alaska is coming to Missouri next week

(BenSpiritbear) #1

According to the weather I’ll be experiencing a little bit of Alaska next. The first part of next week expecting 10-15° highs and 0-4° lows. I know, I know @andrew its still not as bad as up there all winter :wink: but it looks to be close to the same temps those same days in Fairbanks.

(Andrew) #2

Ha! Yeah, I can’t really pull the Alaska card this winter. Seems our freezer is broken.

(BenSpiritbear) #3

Its been crazy temp wise here. Last week we had a couple days in the 70’s. Temps have been all over the place. October was colder than December overall but still only a dusting of snow.

(Andrew) #4

-8°F at camp today. @jenniferocious sent festivity in a tiny 1.5W package. A low-energy USB-compatible Christmas!

(Mandy Szostek) #5

yeah, i live in St. Louis… what i really complain about is the summer here, which is mostly in the 90s!! or upper 90s.

(BenSpiritbear) #6

They are calling for wind chills 15-20 below zero Sunday night so I will feel like Alaska for sure. I’ve been in colder weather but I was younger too. Haha.

(Mandy Szostek) #7

I’ve been wearing two layers of wool socks, boots, and snowboarding pants over my regular pants. I was recently sick with a bad cold, and coughing like crazy. I am better now, but i think having a bad cold combined with this kind of weather would be hideous!! The cold air seems to make me worse. I wonder what the method of dealing with flu and colds are in Alaska?? :slight_smile:

(Andrew) #8

If you get far enough away from humans, you get sick way less often. I haven’t had cold/flu at camp. I have gotten sick when traveling to America. Partly why I dont like to leave.

(Mandy Szostek) #9

Oh, good point!

(BenSpiritbear) #10

We get the sniffles occasionally but that’s about it. We also don’t really go out much. I sure more than Andrew does but still very little, twice a month maybe.

(Jennifer) #11

Yeah, there is rarely anyone around to get us sick. On the other hand, I think lack of exposure to germs has really weakened my immune system. Before moving out here, I worked with the public and I used to never get sick (like I would get the flu once every 5-8 years.) Now I feel like either Andrew or I get sick every third time we go to town, which is still pretty rare, but the ratio is super high.

(Mandy Szostek) #12

Oh, wow…that is super high. I get sick pretty often… but i do live in a city and go to the grocery store a few times a week. I think the grocery store is the culprit :):thinking: yeah… so many people. But that you only rarely got sick like that before!! I’m beginning to take Reishi and Chaga Dual Extract…which hopefully will help me!!! I bet you guys have those beautiful fungi up there… in Boreal Forest…If you harvested and extracted them in alcohol and boiling water, you could make a fortune. I just bought some Chaga Chunks from Harmonic Arts, a place in Northwest Canada, and a bag of Chaga goes for 60 bucks. Its like buying pot. LOL> Just an idea!

(Andrew) #13

Yes, we harvest chaga for ourselves and are very aware of its current status as superfood (snake oil?), as well as the commercial value. Turning the forest into a place to find dollars has proven a nearly 100% reliable way to destroy subsistence culture, so we have resisted that path. People speak of some of the animals (their hides, more specifically) in our forests as “hundred dollar bills walking around”. It’s a seductive game, and seems to convert most people to the dark side.


Has anyone tried Conifer tip tea?.. its high in vit c … boosts the immunity and has antiviral properties…the green cones can be used to make cough syrup and the sap to make chest rubs. The teas can have a very pleasant taste.

(Andrew) #15

Are you referring to the bright green tips in the Spring? We use those for all sorts of things, including pesto.

@jenniferocious has used the needles and sap/resin for some pretty tasty ferments too. Of course, the sap has many uses from glue to medicinal salves as well.

(Mandy Szostek) #16

That is dark… I detest when people are callously perceiving animals as “hides”…thats basically like a nightmare… that people think that way. The place I buy the Chaga from says that they have someone gather it sustainably…it’s one guy on horseback. Yes the level of ignorance amongst some people…i think it comes from low socio-economic background, to where the psychology is that the people become “proud” of being that way. I think they must know on some level that they are being very ugly and so…they become even more entreched in that ideology, and see it as a sign of who they are. Like for example, i met this guy who had grown up in the swamps of Louisiana being very poor, and hunting and trapping was the only way to get food. But the idea of what animals were…and the regard of nature, and seeming disregard for how the ecosystem functions…had become a point of identity and pride. My roomate works with this guy who is similar…he sees animals in that way… a spiritually devoid view of the Earth. ///About those fungi: they’ve been claimed as pretty much super fungi …but its been 1000s of years in tradition of Taoists. The Russians are all about them, esp for cancer prevention, and for heart health and for immune. There’s lots of reports on them… I’ve looked at a few online, PubMed , atleast at the abstracts. ///When i was in South Carolina for a few months, it was during the fall -winter hunting season, and i felt that… everything was being hunted…like it was 24-7 hunting. I felt like a hunted wild animal there… you can feel that kind of mindset.

(Jennifer) #17

Here at Node One, I make spruce tip syrup in the spring, I also make soda/ferments, pesto and such with them, and cook with a lot of fresh tips while they are in season. But all winter I make rosehip tea for what I’ve dried in the fall.


Oh the pesto sounds good …i will have to try that.

You can dry the tips also for storage and they are favored for the tea as its milder then older needles …though any of the needles can be used at anytime. The antiviral prescription drug tamaflu precursers were derived from conifers.

I also have used the sap for tooth aches… it works surprising well.