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Wikipedia entry;

** According to the original Catholic Encyclopedia, the Abecedarians were a 16th-century sect of Anabaptists who affected an absolute disdain for all human knowledge, contending that God would enlighten his elect from within themselves, giving them knowledge of necessary truths by visions and ecstasies, with which human learning would interfere.

** They rejected every other means of instruction, and claimed that to be saved one must even be ignorant of the first letters of the alphabet, hence their name, A-B-C-darians.

The more I live the more I have a feeling these Germans were onto something.

“original” vs “current”=information changes

“human knowledge/learning”=civilizational control techniques

“God”=replace God with Nature- Nature will enlighten us if we choose to become natural again

“ecstasies”=a life of direct experience instead of symbols

“alphabet”=more the same- phony Phoenician mind control


A quote for all those neck deep in our so called Age of Information;

** “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.”
― Thomas Jefferson

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This video definitely put what I previously saw as “knowledge” into real perspective for me. It has its uses for sure, but life sure is better when one lives more by instinct and intuition than constant logical analyzation.


Thanks Ernesto. I enjoyed the video. Guess it kind of implies language is like any other human technology- the cost of the associated long-term changes/deficits/dependencies to mind body and spirit should be weighed. Seems they would have us believe we are a maritime corporation whose purpose on this earth is to swim through a sea of contract law. Glad some of us are finally saying no thanks. Have a good one.

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If I can ever find anyone to come out and help on my land, I’d like to experiment with living without language.

I met a very interesting and beautiful woman last week and finally got to meet her in person a few days ago. Even though I think we agree on things at a core level, she ended up misunderstanding a point I was trying to make, because she was so triggered by something I said that she wouldn’t even let me attempt to clarify. I actually had to tell her to leave mid conversation.

Interacting with her showed me how poisonous and inefficient the technology we call language can be.

This is an excerpt from the last text that I sent to her.

"Interacting with you inspired a very interesting idea for me, which I’m extremely grateful for, and definitely going to experiment with.

I don’t think that language is the way to heal humanity’s current divide with itself and Nature. The Babel story comes to mind.

It’s too difficult to convey complex ideas without triggering emotions that inhibit logic. It would be super neat to do an experiment where a tribe interacts without using language. Even if written text was still utilized, I think the work necessary to attempt to convey complex ideas by text would deter conversations about topics that aren’t simple, and directly related to daily life. If complex ideas are to be conveyed by text, the inefficiency of that interface would probably temper emotion too, plus, there would be the benefit of preventing misinterperetation or misremembering of what transpired, which would prevent general confusion, and gaslighting."

Wow-that must have been awkward. We have a five month old and the only thing he really gets triggered by is not being given enough of the you know what–boob juice. His life is nice and simple right now and he could more easily be initiated into the experiment than I could. kind of like when someone loses one of their senses the others get sharper,i wonder if this tribe would be capable of producing acoustical musical genius that ours cannot?

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I’ve seen some videos of primitive tribes where they almost seem to communicate telepathically. It’s likely just due to the routine of existence in a culture that hasn’t changed in millenia, but we definitely have the capability to intentionally evolve our senses.

Closing my eyes when trying to put a bolt in by feel makes the process much easier, and that it’s easier for me to find an address if I turn the stereo down.

I really hope I can find some adventurous folks to experiment with. I’ll actively recruit once I’m out on the land full time and will definitely post a thread up here if anyone comes out.

It would be so cool to have little ones involved, but that probably wouldn’t fly in the US.

Have you seen La Belle Verte? I need to hold onto hope that we can evolve into tribes like the aliens in that movie someday.