50 reasons to become a patron for feralculture

(Agnes Seitz) #1

first snow today- the world gets quiet here in Boreal Forest , slows down a bit
and after a summer of growing, gathering , stocking our rootcellar there is time to think and post…

so last week I did sneak in on feralculture FB page …I don’t do that a lot…its just no fun to play with an algorithm ,the idea was/is to start a discussion on the patreon side of this project

here is a copy of the post - based on quotes from the page…and looking forward to start this discussion right here…with at least 50 of you :wink:

“In a perfect world, we’d hang out in the forest with a face-to-face community and live directly. In the disconnected world we actually inhabit, we find that rebuilding community is important, and that an online presence is necessary. “

Currently the project doesn’t have quite enough support to cover the cost of basic internet services… So with quite a few of us hanging out here on this page – I am really curious to hear - what will/would it take for more folks to become patrons, to commit just a bit more and longterm towards supporting this inspiring idea of feralculture.

to get this discussion started : Why am I here ?
I am a patron for a bit now, a supporter of the ideas and discussions and want to make sure these can keep on going…and one day even add more nodes…bring more land into the feral world .

Anyone up to starting a discussion how we can do this…
what would motivate you to join as a patron…??
talking money while we still hold the paradox that the right prize is zero.

(Keith Blunt) #2

I saw your post in the FB discussion group for the Feralculture project, and commented. It’s good to see this topic being posted here, so I will also post my response at FB here to help move the discussion along:

I became a patron because I realize the potential of this project to create functional wild landscapes where rewilding to feral humans are included in the ecosystem. I think most followers don’t understand exactly what this project involves—or that it’s even inclusive of them. I follow many in the rewilding community who also have their own individual projects, but the Feralculture project can have the greatest impact of all because of it’s overall inclusivity. For humanity, it’s literally a choice of living or going extinct.

Thanks for starting this conversation.

(Andrew) #3

Woke up to the river in front of us frozen over for the first day. I keep looking out there and expecting it to move. Slow indeed!

Thank you for starting these conversations. I wish the FB conversation had gone deeper. In my experience, that group is a tough nut to crack for financial discussions.