Something is fishy looking: making fishing gear

(Dennis Lanigan) #1

Making a fish lure for node one folks to see it it will work as well as bait for winter ice fishing. I’m drilling a hole through for an eye with a pedernal flint drill bit. It looks more fishy in person. Made of Rocky mountain Elk shin bone.

Should I glue a hook into the lure?

(Dennis Lanigan) #2

The flint hand drill and a better picture.

(BenSpiritbear) #3

Its really looking nice. I see big fish caught in the future.

(Andrew) #4

Had occasion to go ice fishing at a lake over the weekend. Aside from catching nothing but ice, we were jigging for pike, and this kind of lure was appropriate for that task.

It was too windy to be fun, and all 4 holes yielded very little space between the ice and the bottom. I’m not sure if we were in bad spots or what. There are pike in that lake, but it’s not known for its abundance.

(Dennis Lanigan) #5

Here’s what the lure is looking like for now. I don’t like how it looks but think this is the best setup I can think of right now. The wire will get super glued or epoxied in and cut at the top. Not very primitive in the end, but I think this will last longer than the next hook I plan on making out of yew and bone.

(Dennis Lanigan) #6

Here’s my inspiration for my next hook. From the excellent book Indian Fishing by Hilary Stewart. Hook was made by her as well.

I am lucky enough to have a pacific yew bow stave. As I work the stave I can cut off a piece for the hook. Not sure what I am going to lash it with. I have some nettle cordage (urtica gracilis) from Minnesota that I made. Yucca? I grew fiber flax so I could try that. I just don’t get how the hook will make it through multiple uses, let alone a thrashing northern pike. Maybe they don’t? I know Coast Salish folks would just (or so I have been told) toss cedar berry picking containers. I wish I could use sinew but of course that won’t work.


Fishhooks in 'Indian & Eskimo Artifacts of North America

Maybe this will be useful in figuring out workable hook designs.