Pack animals, semi nomadic homesteading

(Lloyd ) #1

Curious if anyone has considered pack animals before, for either on a homestead or nomadic living? There are a few people in Oregon doing it with horses, goats and sheep. And I know of a guy here, back in Pennsylvania, who was doing it awhile with a burro. I myself spent a month and a half last summer, living at and around my off grid site with a pack donkey. I never received a pack saddle till after he went back to his original owner, but he carried a soft pack with water and my tent a few times. I’d walk into the small town bar and tie him outside with my dog while I had a beer or two. Or when I’d stop at the store across the road. It was fun but became very secluded alone. So the original owner took him back and me and my dog hitched the 3 hour drive back home.
Anyway this dream still resides through all the fog and hardships and indecision and confusion and drugs and booze. But I really think two goats would be ideal, plus the potential for dairy and cheese etc. As well, smaller, cheaper to keep and can be lugged into a vehicle need be.
Also I’ve had this little notion of a pack basket saddle bag for chickens to be hauled around for fresh eggs. I don’t find it to be too crazy an idea as any animal raised to it would be fine with it. I saw a video of a camper in WA with a chicken cage on the hitch and they just chilled out while they drove. Anyway, may be this will make a decent discussion.