One meal a day Keto diet experiment

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(Jarosław Wątroba) #1

@andrew once mentioned on FB that it would be best for us to eat just one meal per day. I’m about to try this out. Moreover I want this to be a keto diet. A simple reason for all that is to accustom my body to not eating constantly, so to mitigate hunger effects when in the wild (and these can be really annoying)… I’m 2 days in and still ok. Anyone tried something like this? What should I eat to provide enough calories? Meal plans, ideas?

(Jennifer) #2

I used to eat like this for quite a while before I moved to AK. Paleo Keto with intermittent fasting/feasting. I never had any problems getting enough calories. Although often in the morning I would drink a coffee with ghee or coconut oil blended in. Mostly I just ate a huge meal consisting of a large cut of meat and some vegetables loaded with fat. Lots of eggs and bacon with avacodos. Of course, I was living in Texas then so all of that stuff was easy to source.

(Andrew) #3

I don’t know if it’s “best”, but it is good for a couple reasons:

  1. It helps drive fat adaptation
  2. It helps break carb addiction and hunger cycles. I literally don’t feel hunger when I’m eating that way.
  3. Cooking on a woodstove makes “meals” takes a fair bit of extra time every time.

(Andrew) #4

I would sometimes just eat 8 eggs cooked in butter. Mostly, I would eat the cheapest cut of beef I could find. I think I went 3 months with a diet consisting of almost totally butter, coconut oil, beef, eggs, kale, onions, garlic, and carrots. Basically, I would just eat as much as I could, and would add in as much fat as possible in the cooking process. Then I’d add as much butter as I could after cooking.

Oh, for flavor, I cooked almost everything with red wine and balsamic vinegar.

(joan underhill) #5

jon and i are doing variations of this lately. he’s going to a full keto diet, and i’ve been using intermittent fasting for the last month and minimizing my carbs significantly.

i started out doing two 24 hour fasts each week, and the other five days doing a 16 hour fast. i was pretty amazed at how easy the 24 hour fasts were, so long as i had something to distract me. then i broke my collarbone, and life got a bit complicated & not necessarily scheduled the way i would prefer, so i’ve just been doing 16 hour fasts every day the last two weeks. fasting has really helped me drop the bit of extra weight that i had, and generally feels great for my gut to be taking such a long break each day. some days i go 18 or 20 hours just because it’s not very difficult. this basically (normally) translates to one nice, big meal and a smaller ‘snack’ size meal a few hours later.

ditto what andrew & jennifer said regarding meats and fats: load 'em up. i try to add in a good variety of veggies, too, for all their lovely micronutrients. and i also (when i’m being really well behaved) focus on adding in herbal infusions (8oz herb to 1qt boiling water, sealed for 4 hours, strained, drink 1cup/day, chill the rest) since they provide so many excellent vitamins and minerals & really help with optimal organ function. there’s plenty of herbs you can used based on what’s accessible/abundant in your area. i use things like red clover, chickweed, nettles, dandelion, licorice (as an accent flavor), & horsetail.