Network/Community of Wildsteaders


(Michelle ) #1

I am hoping we can within the feralculture rewilding movement, create a network of wildsteaders. A wildsteader would be a rewilder with their own place, skills to share, or items to trade (not so much a part of any intentional community, though those are welcomed in the network). Whether one person, a family-group, or a group of friends sharing land, this would be for trade, visiting, and community building without being in an intentional community.

If you are for it, share your local (state/nation/region), skills, and/or items for trade.

(Michelle ) #2

I and my husband live on the Blackened Forest Wildstead (currently on family land, but saving for our own land) in Kentucky.

My skills are: I am a novice herbalist being trained in foraging and herbal medicine by Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. I have a certificate as a Natural Health Consultant, and I am 4 years into rewilding (not counting my half feral childhood).

My husbands skills: Novice wood carver, novice bushcrafter.

Both of us have lived off-grid and semi-off grid.

Can Trade: Black Walnut Husks (in season),

(Dennis Lanigan) #3

Currently in Northern NM

Skills: hide tanning, butchering, shoemaking (old styles), gardening, and seed saving.

For $$$: rawhide, bark tan hides, buckskin. Available in buckskin: elk, mule deer. Available in bark tan or rawhide: elk, sheep, goat, deer. (Trade not available as this is my job right now).

For trade: elk leg sinew. I could make buckskin for trade potentially.

Seeds for trade: Hopi Black Dye Sunflower

Wanted: bow staves (hickory, Osage, yew, mulberry), black walnut husks, old planer blades, old metal files, old wood working tools, adzes, crooked knife, moose billets, knappable rock, wool for felting, green coffee beans (ethiopian preferred).

Please grow out for me: Katy’s Sugar Meat squash (c. Maxima), Japanese indigo, coreopsis, Hopi black dye sunflower, madder, fiber flax, peppers (shishito, paprika, peppers for hot sauce, etc)… This means grow, process, and send to me. I can teach you how. Warning: Know if you grow out a squash to save seed, for example, you can’t grow other c. Maximas. The rewilding hipster police might come to your house too.

Note: if you have a lot of “skin in the game” as far as helping feralculture and similar goals the price for some of this stuff is zero. No trade/$$$ required. I’m also happy to get people started in stuff I am learning/“know”.

(Alexander Meander) #4

i live on land my partner and i have named Ardea, in the southern Appalachian foothills of NC.

skills: plant ID and simple botany, wild foods foraging and processing/preservation (including acorns and other nuts), keeping various animals on minimal grain (primarily ducks and pigs), wild fermentation (primarily foods), herbal medicine and medicine making, cultivating mushrooms on logs (primarily shiitake), ecology/land-based/forest succession strategies, native tree and plant propagation (primarily from seed), seed saving (mostly of indigenous perennials), propagation of indigenous food plants, building, handyman crap (minus most electrical and car-type stuff), small-scale no-till gardening, cleaning up the kill/roadkill (mostly deer and small livestock)…

for trade: i do not typically keep a surplus of anything around for very long, but: herbal medicines (mostly in tincture form - 100+ herbs). and plants, primarily indigenous (to me) plants/seeds - i got lots, but typically best when seeds are in season since i also grow plants for money.

looking for: nothing much i can think of right now, however, i am always wanting seeds of various species of food plants indigenous to NC/eastern US. i am especially interested in wild plums at the moment. here i will also edit and add more as needed.

will edit as needed.


(Jennifer) #5

I love the idea of what you are going for, but I would encourage you to break up this very large subject into smaller categories.
There exists a category for gifting and trade.
There is also an existing community category

I suggest using the smallest topics, as it is more manageable, and easier for newer people to find the conversations, they are interested in. For instance someone might only be interested in trading or gifting, but not necessarily people’s land projects. Would people find a specific skill share category helpful?

(Alexander Meander) #6

hey there @jenniferocious - this occurred to me too. i was thinking that perhaps we would let this flow as it is, let it get some momentum, and then we could see how it might be better organized after it was being utilized? that was my initial reaction.

(Michelle ) #7

Good thought… Though I still wander… as I was thinking they all went hand in hand in the network. This person has this skill and these items, and live here… oh they are close enough to go use my skills in trade with, or oh they are too far away. Or, oh, I want to visit that area, maybe on my trip I could trade skills/items with them. Just my thoughts. But if it is best to break up, then we can do so. More a reference, then open trade. But the skill share and location area kept together would be good, as travel can hinder those things.

(BenSpiritbear) #8

@dennis come next fall I can get you all the walnut husks you want.

(Shodo Spring) #9

I’m in southern Minnesota, the hills-and-rivers area. Shodo, looking for more people. What can I offer? well, I make my living as a psychotherapist, I teach Zen for free, do Reiki and a kind of bodywork called Ortho-Bionomy, and have a lot of skills in the teaching/healing/facilitating group.

What can I offer? Lots of wild herbs here waiting to be wanted; strawberries, elderberries, raspberries (starts), lots of wild edibles that I haven’t touched yet.

For identification: I’m a woman, almost 70, lesbian, with grandchildren and attachments to them. My core work is changing consciousness to be able to work with plants, animals, mountains and streams, everybody else - to protect the living earth and reverse climate change. I write about that here:

I love for people to visit and put in a little work, or a little money, or some spiritual practice time. Those able to love the woods and waters and fields - I’d love to be your student here.

Mostly I like the gift economy. But I do work about half time because too many of us don’t have cash, and cash pays taxes, builds things, etc.