Hiking Staff

(Michelle Nickles) #1

Over the weekend my husband went out in the wildlands by the family creek…
He found a sapling (cherry we think, if so we know where to gather come summer) growing too close to two other sapling of the same type, so he chopped it down, and carried it home. The worked the rest of the day carving it into a hiking staff. Weather has been cold of late, but as soon as a bit of warmth comes he is going to test it. What do you think?


(joan underhill) #2

awesome! my guy did something similar last winter, but with alder. here’s a post i wrote about it. the photos aren’t great, we were low-light & low-gas that time of year… but yeah. walking sticks/hiking staves = awesome. especially helpful if you’ve got knee injuries and spend a lot of time out in the actual world on unpaved ground :wink: :slight_smile:

(BenSpiritbear) #3

Very nice!