Gathered Remains and BAGR no 5 [Shameless plugs]

(Kevin Tucker) #1

@andrew my bad if not kosher or in the wrong place, but wanted to plug two books that I’m super proud of and think other people here would be pretty damn stoked on.
Increasingly fewer ways of getting word out to people who would be down, 'tis the nature of the internet, particularly social media where you can say anything as long as it continues to generate clicks on their platforms. Ain’t our bag…

  1. Black and Green Review no 5: just back in my hands as of earlier this week. 280 pages of critique, discussion and praxis towards rewilding and resisting civilization. All for $12 shipped within the US.
  2. Gathered Remains: Essays on Wildness, Domestication, Community and Resistance. This one just went to press and it’s my second book of essays. Also a beast at 344 pages. In terms of everything I’ve written, this is the stuff that’s been wrecking me for years now and I don’t get the chance to say it very often, but I am really stoked on this and all its contents. If you’ve ever had an itching feeling that civilization might not be a good idea or that being shaped by evolution as hunter-gatherers, then I have a feeling you’ll get something from this. Taking pre-orders now, but should be shipping out within a month or less (mid-late February).

As always, if you’re looking to continue these discussions offline in more detail, but still not able to do it entirely face-to-face, certainly hope that Black and Green Review remains a place to do so. Invitation is always open. Next issue will be out late 2018, but submissions welcome anytime.

(Andrew) #2

We got a box of excitement just before our river-ice-chaos travel window slammed shut. Thank you! I’ve only skimmed ToCs and articles so far, but lookee what I found…

Sounds like a smart idea to me!

(Kevin Tucker) #3