DIY Winter Boots/Mukluks

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(Dennis Lanigan) #21

The “sole tech” mid sole was cut from a sheet I got from MacPherson’s leather in Seattle. Looks like they are available on etsy too.

Yeah, please do post a build along when you get a chance. Id love too see it.

(Dennis Lanigan) #25

I forgot to post the shoes I made last August. They work alright. I made the goat bark tan leather too.

This style is based on an old Anglo-Saxon design found in York from the 10th century. They have vibram soles though instead of being a turn shoe.

I learned to make them with Jason of He has videos available on how to make turnshoes.

If you see me in person I can teach turnshoes and the style pictured (which Jason calls “internal stitch down”). I have the tools and leather.

(Jennifer) #26

These are so awesome, Dennis! I’ve been wondering about handmaking some leather desert boots. It seems pretty doable.

(Dennis Lanigan) #27

Here’s the turnshoes I’ve made. They are SUPER tight on me. Take about five minutes to put on, so I never wear them. Pretty easy to make but take a special awl to make a subcutaneous hole through the thick (but pliable) sole leather.

I like this sewing style compared to most mukluks/moccasins because the sewing is mostly hidden. I do like when mukluks use welts as that sewing is hidden. The more I can hide the sewing the better.

(Dennis Lanigan) #28

The shoe above is inspired from this dig in Anglo-Scandinavian Medieval York, my goddamn ancestors. They would hide their shoes in the walls for some reason. If I had any walls I would hide the turnshoes I made in them because they drive me crazy. Maybe I should just consider them summer shoes…

PDF from York Archaeological Trust


I picked up a bunch of old fat bike tires from the rental/repair place here. Short term I’m using some to reinforce my Muck boots because every damn thing puts holes in them. Later I plan to use them for moccasin/mukluk soles. The shop just has a big pile be of them outside.


I found some pictures of “Eskimo” boots and woven grass socks, offering one answer to something I had been puzzling over. What to do about the functions of socks when wool isn’t available.