Crooked Knife (and making stuff out of salvaged metal)

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(Dennis Lanigan) #1

I’m making a crooked knife. Or at least making an attempt. Look, I am not as cool as some people who are making charcoal and forging bog ore! Get off my back jeez.

I am making a knife from an old file with another file. Pretty tedious but it’s coming along. I tried to cheat with my Dremel tool but the metal was too metal and killed my grinder bits. I’m following this build along here.

(Andrew) #2

Someone the other day was calculating how many enemies would be needed to extract iron and literally make a sword from the blood of one’s enemies. It was in the low hundreds. Makes bog iron seem easy!

(Dennis Lanigan) #3

Were you talking to Gaahl of Gorgoroth again? What did I tell you about that?

But seriously, want me to make you one and some metal arrowheads? I’m not metal enough to distill my enemies’ blood, or smith bog ore, but I have lots of metal and will be making arrowheads next.

(Dennis Lanigan) #4

Getting closer. Almost ready to reheat tonight and bend the end. Already sharp enough to shave wood.

(Andrew) #5

If you are up to making one, I would love it. I just looked through the how-to post and it seems like a lot of work so I would also understand if you changed your mind! I literally have a crooked knife on my Christmas list.

(Dennis Lanigan) #6

I don’t mind the work. I need to do skills over and over to get them. I’m trying to learn how to make stuff in an off grid setting so getting used to not having a bench grinder is a good thing.

Can you help me research what people use for “trade points”? i.e. steel arrow points. I have a bunch of skil saw blades. I tried to make a crooked knife from one but it’s too flimsy. I could make tons of arrowheads easy…much faster than flintknapping that’s for sure.

(Dennis Lanigan) #7

Here’s a tutorial on making broadheads from old skil saw blades

This tutorial uses A LOT of plug in tools but offers a place to start from. Suddenly flintknapping seems a lot easier!

Sounds like not all blades are usable due to being too soft. The blades WITHOUT the harder teeth at the end of each larger tooth indicate harder metal… if that makes any sense.

(Dennis Lanigan) #8

I finally bent the knife I am making. Pretty sketchy to bend red hot metal with two pliers, so I kinda messed up the bend. But it’s close enough! Sharp enough to cut my skin, but is just skipping over the yew stave I am working on. The purple cored wood in the picture is fragrant cedar from my wood pile.

(Dennis Lanigan) #9

Per the instructions I cooked the knife for an hour in a stove. Now it looks all shiny. I gotta figure out a handle next. I may have left it too long and messed up the leverage…

(Dennis Lanigan) #10

Here’s the blade with an improvised handle made out of fragrant cedar and duck tape. Just put it together to see if I like it; not going to use permanent binding until I get some hardwood to carve. The idea is it replaces a draw knife and a vise so you can carve anywhere. But I’m not really sure it gives me enough leverage to cut seasoned wood. Maybe these are just for green wood projects? Green wood carving doesn’t really work down here in the arid desert, though I haven’t experimented with storing green projects in plastic bags. I’m also not sure the (single) bevel is the right angle.

This experiment is ongoing but somewhat resolved for now. How about you make one and tell me what you think?

(Dennis Lanigan) #11

One thing I want to emphasize is I heated this knife using my regular kni-co wood stove. I failed to mention that above. I have always wanted to make knives but never did because I don’t want to buy specific equipment. I have so much to learn about metallurgy and blacksmithing but feel this is a good first step.